NARRATIVE CONTROL: Multiple reports, witnesses claim that there were “three or four” shooters at El Paso Walmart

I think they are ‘targeting certain individuals and even using MK ULTRA ON THEM.

Excerpt From Natural News

See how important all of this is to your health? When the mass shooting coverage is plastered all over TV, newspapers and social media, realize this is ALL part of the great con, to keep you dumb and emotional, while voting for free stuff from the Government who will take your guns, your land, your children, and force vaccinate everyone into compliance. Ever also notice that nearly every shooter is found to be taking SSRI prescription drugs? Yes, it’s a common denominator. These drugs list side effects of depression, anxiety, violence, and thoughts of homicide and suicide.

My Comment: Look up Mind Controlled Delta Assassins. They are drugged up and ordered to do these crimes. Under the influences of Mind Controlled Tortures, Hypnosis and Drugs they commit these crimes as they have NO FREE WILL. Mind Controlled Assassins are SLAVES.

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