Putin Calls Liberalism Obsolete *YES YES YES YES YES*

 It’s been a wild week of news with President Trump going to North Korea, Antifa brutally beating a gay journalist and Google censoring a video about Google censorship, not to mention world leaders convening at the G20 in Japan. But we start our recap of the week with Russian President Vladimir Putin pulling no punches as he delivers a scathing critique of liberalism, as well as multiculturalism and mass immigration. In an interview with the Financial Times, Putin said liberalism has ‘become obsolete” and liberals cannot keep dictating anything to anyone as they have been trying to do in recent decades.

Putin also said Germany’s Angela Merkel made a “cardinal mistake” of letting in 1 million migrants, and he praised Trump for trying to stop the flow of drugs and migrants into the United States from Mexico. Further, Putin said the push to let kids play five or six gender roles cannot overshadow the family values of the core of the population. In this video, I float the idea that Putin is trying to cozy up to Trump in attempt to get him to halt some of the U.S.’s aggressive foreign policy actions. Regardless of what Putin’s intentions are, you are not going to hear mainstream media having a rational discussion about Putin and Trump, as was again the case this week.WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON? SO MUCH TO UNPACK!In this latest edition of What Really Happened, amid a crazy week, I break down how a California city is blocking 5G, how 9/11 first responders are continuing to die of cancer while being neglected by the government — an issue near and dear to my heart — and how Trump was taking on the world yet trying to make some amends with China at the G20, while also preparing to meet Kim Jong Un at the DMZ on the Korean Peninsula. I also get into theidiocracy involving President Trump and former President Jimmy Carter. Plus… I talk about aliens!!MORE MAJOR NEWSCENSORSHIP OVERDRIVE!!

 This week Project Veritas exposed Google and YouTube censorship, and Google and YouTube of course responded by censoring the Project Veritas video, removing it from YouTube. Even though undercover footage shows a Google exec vowing to stop the “next Trump situation,” the president has been rather mum on this issue, which is a bit strange given that his reelection is at stake. Free speech online is now very much in danger. And this does not just apply to conservatives. We Are Change has had its Facebook page removed at the flick of a switch, with no warning. But as I explain in the video, there is now the possibility of governments regulating the tech monopolies. Plus there are free market alternatives popping up, like Brave, a privacy-protecting browser. Does this spell big trouble for Google?ANTIFA BRUTALIZES GAY JOURNALISTIn this video, I break down the insane footage from Portland in which Antifa members — mostly white people wearing masks — surround and brutally assault gay, Asian journalist Andy Ngo. Equally insane has been the reaction of some members of the media who have cheered on the brutality. This situation is all too familiar for me, as I was jumped by Antifa a couple years ago at the G20 after an MSM journalist circulated a photo of me and sent fake news to Antifa that I was a right-wing, white supremacist. My friend and fellow journalist Max Bachmann was bloodied in this attack and had to undergo knee surgery. Unfortunately, I believe things are only going to get worse, not better, following the Andy Ngo beating. The incident will serve as a rallying cry for right-wing extremists, and the media and political establishment will only pour fuel on the fire with their words and actions.IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!
With the Democratic presidential debates now underway, there is a scenario unfolding that is eerily similar to a few election cycles ago involving Congressman Ron Paul, the Republican Party and the media. The Democratic Party and mainstream media now want you to pay no attention to Tulsi Gabbard, just about the lone candidate calling for a sensible foreign policy. And if you do research her — as many, many people are doing — they want you to believe she is no rising star, but rather a controversial figure. Unsurprisingly, MSNBC tried to smear Gabbard and give her barely any time to talk in one of this week’s debates. I explain why the Democrats and establishment media are treating Gabbard like persona non grata. And just so you have a way to take in the Democratic debates and not get bored as one candidate after another calls for free everything, I add a little flavor to the evening in this dlive stream.

In this video, I discuss how the immigration debate in the U.S. has dissolved into something completely irrational and only serves to benefit special interests.San Fran BANS DOUCHE FLUTES!!

Wrapping up this week’s headlines, I delve into the idiocracy that is the San Francisco vape ban.Keep WeAreChange Alive!In closing, I would like to thank you for your continued support in keeping us free and independent of any corporate, government or special interests. Without you, We Are Change would not be possible in the slightest, so please consider joining SubscribeStar and supporting us there. Now that Facebook has put a stranglehold on our ability to share content and Google is demonetizing us we must look toward other platforms!
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