Killing the College Scam!

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LET’s KILL THE COLLEGE SCAM!  By Mike King.“All The News That Sulzberger’s  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort” 
A Daily Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Front Page Headlines
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  New York Times: Canceling Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Make Problems DisappearREBUTTAL BYThe younger elements of the FSA (Free Shit Army)are all excited about the competing schemes of Bolshevik Bernie and Loony Lizzy to forgive existing student loan debt and provide “free” undergraduate college courses for future students. Though we should support some degree of loan forgiveness based upon need, those of us with even the most basic understanding of economics know that things which the government makes “free” are actually very expensive. Like the title of this Slimes article says: “Cancelling Student Debt Doesn’t Make Problems Disappear.” Of all the many sleazy scams and high crimes that the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) commits against “We the People,” perhaps none is worse than the criminal racket known as “higher education.” It amounts to a multi-trillion dollar conspiracy in which the government, academia and corporate America all collude to rob parents of a huge chunk of their life savings and/or put our young people into student-debt bondage before they can even find a decent job after graduation — assuming they will ever find one at all. The roles that the aforementioned PRC institutions play in this ongoing tragedy are as follows: Corporate America openly discriminates against job applicants and existing employees who do not possess a magic piece of paper (purchased at a cost of $100,000 – $200,000 and up). There is something fundamentally flawed and unjust with a system in which the likes of non-college graduates Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and so many others, would not have been able to even interview for entry-level jobs at most American companies. Students who wish to pursue knowledge in a given field thus have no choice but to attend college. The Federal Government defines “accreditation” and determines what constitutes an “education.” Because apprenticeship, small group training, self-education etc. do not meet the standards of “accreditation,” the student is again compelled to attend college if he expects to ever work in his field of interest. The Feds also run the student loan-sharking operation — from which bankruptcy protection laws are immune. “Can’t find a job after college, kid? Too frickin’ bad! Pay your loan!” Academia’s role in the three-ring circus of scammery is its endless price-gauging of class after class after class of incoming victims who are essentially forced customers (unless they opt out and learn a trade instead). Though most of academia is Marxist in theory, when it comes to feathering their own nests with six-figure salaries, generous benefits and big fat pensions, these filthy commie pinkos are all about the money … money … money! For teaching a single class, Marxist bitch Senator Elizabeth Warren collected $330,000 per year as a Harvard professor — on the backs of indebted students.
  Forget about these Demonrat schemes to make college “more accessible” to the middle class. Transferring the burden of college to already over-taxed citizens only creates a different set of expensive problems. The “Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times has a simple 3-step plan to liberate the students of America by smashing this criminal monopoly system to pieces. Step 1: Corporations are already regulated as public entities when it comes to hiring and promoting. For that reason, corporations are not allowed to “discriminate” on the basis of race, sex and religion. Even the preference for man-on-man anal rogering, cross-dressing and genital self-mutilation are now “protected” via regulation. A man shows up to the office without a jacket and tie — he is sent home. He returns in a skirt, high heels and lipstick — no problem. But I digress. Anti-discrimination policies in the public / semi-public realm aren’t always a bad thing, as long as the policy is limited to the oligarchy / monopoly giants and doesn’t extend to smaller purely private operations and “mom and pop” businesses. By simply adding non-college degree applicants to the list of “protected classes,” corporations would be forced to consider qualified job applicants who were self-taught, tutored, apprenticed or attended local study groups. The same protections would apply in decisions regarding internal promotions. Step 2: Certainly, prospective employers have every right to know if an applicant possesses the necessary minimal base of knowledge, raw intelligence, skills and aptitude for learning to meet the entry-level job requirements. Let each employer or even a whole industry devise a set of standardized examinations for every course or general field imaginable. A student needs to only pass a series of exams, administered for a small fee, to obtain his or her magic “piece of paper” with a score. This new system will trigger an exodus away from the criminal college cartels as students learn what they need to from other sources, including online self-study, small training schools, and company-sponsored classes, lectures, and apprenticeships for bright high school grads. Colleges will only continue to exist if they adapt and cut out the unnecessary credits and all of the administrative and faculty fat — which they surely will, out of market necessity. * As a student at Rutgers University during the mid 80’s, there were many courses (held in large auditoriums) for which I attended only the first few classes (to assess whether or not the professor was taking attendance and if he was going strictly by the textbook) — and then cutting every 90-minute class session but, after self-study, showing up only to take the midterm and final exam — always passing!
 Step 3: For certain forms of study that are not 100% suitable for self-study (for example: medical students working on cadavers, science students conducting lab experiments, or law students arguing practice cases), the colleges, or smaller training schools, can still fill in the gaps. These details for special cases can be worked out in collaboration with employers from such areas.  1. Stop corporate discrimination against alternative forms of education and the problem will fix itself.  2. In this day and age of universal Internet and video access, self-education is more easily and cheaply obtainable than ever before. Who needs so many thousands of lecturers when just one top-rate teacher on video can lecture to the whole country? (I volunteer to teach the history courses.)
 * Apart from these radical reforms, we should waive, based upon circumstances, a good chunk of current student loan debt and allow for bankruptcy liquidation for hardship cases. With the new creative solutions in place, there won’t be any need for education financing ever again. And just for good measure, the usurious practice of hustling loans to naive kids should be abolished just the same. For those students who still choose to attend the reduced-price colleges (for social reasons mainly), but are still low on cash for tuition, they should have the option of a 1% wage garnishment, payable to the school. The garnishment, obviously, can only go into effect when the graduate is working. Such basic and creative plans would work, which is why (((they))) won’t allow it to happen. You see, the PRC needs the current predatory system to stay as it is. It’s not only a perpetual cash cow for them, but it also plays a critical role in brainwashing “the best and the brightest” with four years of Globalist-Marxist poison which even the engineering, science, technology and business students are forced to swallow. .
   Creative solutions, backed by a “fascist” force for good, will improve education and leave our young people debt-free. 

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