How the Cold War Actually Ended & the Real Story About the Pak-1 Crash

How the Cold War Actually Ended & the Real Story About the Pak-1 Crash

I was a Gov’t CIA Mind Control Asset/Victim and was assigned to meet with a Russian Translator in New York before a conference.

We had a few drinks and played a game of pool at a small bar in NY.

We talked about our countries problems,

The cold war and the suffering it was causing in the USSR as well as the US.

I found out that many of the leaders in the USSR wanted the cold war to end.

Many Russians were freezing to death not being able to heat their homes.

The US vets were suffering from trauma and chemicals used during the Vietnam War ending up homeless on the streets using drugs to cope with PTSD.

I told this translator Americans didn’t want the cold war either & together we could end it.

I relayed my findings to H.W. Bush who laughed saying this was all a trick to make the U.S. look weak getting us to come to the table.

He claimed I was naive to think they would come to the table wanting the cold war to end.

The translator I was working with informed his superiors that America too wanted this cold war to end.

His superiors in the USSR also thought it a trick to make the USSR look weak.

It’s a bit hard to explain the mentality of those who were growing up when the cold war began.

They are like fathers who beat their children because they didn’t have the knowledge or intelligence to use psychology to get a child to mind and end up teaching their children that violence is how you get people to do as you want.

Their kids end up with these same violent behaviors passing these destructive patterns onto their own kids.

They believed you’re a winner or a loser and compromising is for losers.

I had to find a way to prove to the Reagan/Bush Administration that the Soviets were serious and also to prove to the Soviets that the US was serious without either side coming out & saying it losing face and appearing weak.

I figured the way around this dilemma would be to get the Soviets to agree to something they never agreed to before.

(Human Rights Violations which they would tell the U.S. to mind your own business)

The Soviets agreeing to do something about this would signal to our leaders they sincerely wanted an end to the cold war.

Shultz was to then let Shevardnadze know the U.S. would not jeopardize the Soviet Union letting Shevardnadze know the U.S. wanted the cold war to end too.

This was the beginning of a friendly relationship between the U.S. and USSR.

For a good week after everyone walked around the White House in disbelief and bewilderment that this was actually happening.

This photo is of me and my squad stationed in South Africa prior to the Panama invasion. The MI-8 is one of the Russian combat helicopters purchased by the CIA in 1989.

I told my story in court at trial which involved me and – my CIA handler-and who also is in the photo above in the far right standing to the left of the soldier with the red baseball cap.

Note: Her name should not be disclosed publicly as a CIA asset for her safety, she is a victim of the CIA mind control program along with many others in Hollywood.

This was years before Jack Matlock wrote about it in his book.

Nobody believed me until he published his book.

They all thought I was just making up sensational stories.

After those involved read Matlock’s account of what happened they realized it matched my court testimony and proved I told the truth.

My testimony of what really happened on board the PAK-1 was sealed due to national security.

This is a paragraph taken from Jack Matlock’s book that describes how our meeting took place.

“Jack F. Matlock Jr., Wrote the following in his book about how the cold war really ended:

One afternoon in September 1987, Secretary of State George Shultz settled in a chair across the table from Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze in a New York conference room. Both were in the city for the United Nations General Assembly.

As he habitually did at the start of such meetings, Shultz handed Shevardnadze a list of reported human rights abuses in the Soviet Union. Shevardnadze’s predecessor, Andrei Gromyko, had always received such lists grudgingly and would lecture us for interfering in Soviet internal affairs.

This time, though, Shevardnadze looked Shultz in the eye and said through his interpreter: “George, I will check this out, and if your information is correct, I will do what I can to correct the problem. But I want you to know one thing: I am not doing this because you ask me to; I am doing it because it is what my country needs to do.”

Shultz replied: “Eduard, that’s the only reason either of us should do something. Let me assure you that I will never ask you to do something that I believe is not in your country’s interest.”

They stood and shook hands. As I watched the scene, with as much emotion as amazement, it dawned on me that the Cold War was over. The job of American ambassador in Moscow was going to be a lot easier for me than it had been for my predecessors. “

Jack F. Matlock Jr., ambassador to the U.S.S.R. from 1987 to 1991, is the author of “Reagan and Gorbachev: How the Cold War Ended.”

What happened to me on board the Pak-1 in 1988 could have been an attempt to cover-up my being involved as a back channel to the Soviet Translator to end the cold war. (I was a 22 year old CIA MKULtra Victim working with the Soviet Translator as a back channel.) Perhaps my history in this was being obliterated to give Reagan and Gorbachev sole credit for ending the cold war.

Maybe two different factions within the US Government were working against each other; your guess is as good as mine.

From the memories returning thus far either is a possibility but to me it seems more likely both factions worked together with the single aim of eliminating me and perhaps using me as a scapegoat for the bomb on board.

They attempted to have me and my men killed during the panama invasion by sending us into what seems like ambush after ambush.

We were the first chopper shot down at the airport losing our Pilot and a gunner.

I lost the rest of my men between capturing Noriega and rescuing two people at the prison who both died in after the medical chopper we took from the prison to get them out had went out of control and hit a tanker truck that exploded killing them all but me and the a gunner who jumped as it went out of control.

He died after the crash which left just me and probably the only one they wanted dead from my squad.

I am the only survivor of my squad which is seen in the photo standing in front of the Soviet Mi-8 that the CIA purchased from the Soviets after we ended the cold war.

On the 17th of August, 1988 I was sent by the CIA to Sabotage arms sales of A-1 Abrams tanks to Pakistan by having our gunner miss his target every time during the demonstration. It was a hot sunny day.

I sat in the A-1 Abram tank preparing a demonstration for the Pakistan president who was planning to buy from the US and support the Afghan guerrilla fighters on the boarder.

We were instructed to miss the target with every shot.

We had agreed to stop all arms sales and support of Afghan troops along the border so this demonstration was not supposed to be successful.

The cold war between the US and USSR actually ended in 1987 after I setup a meeting between George Shultz and Eduard Shevardnadze that ended the cold war.

As part of the agreement we agreed to keep our military weapons out of Pakistan and stop supporting Afghanistan in the war.

After me and my commanding officer Brig. Gen. Herbert M. Wassom sabotaged the demonstration of the A-1 Abram’s tank we were told we would be taking the Pak Pres to be compromised at a party where they would get video of him performing sex acts on young boys or girls.

I recall somebody saying something about him being into young boys.

The CIA planned on videotaping him with hidden cameras then using the video to force him to stop all support to Afghan troops.

I recall being towards the back of the plane at the bar just being given a drink.

The planes interior was still being worked on and the bar was located towards the back of the plane; there was still paneling inside the plane used for the construction of the interior.

As I was taking a drink I looked over and a US officer walked out of the compartment between the rear or the plane and the cockpit, he had a chute on and opened the side door.

He looked back and said there was a bomb on board and some smart ass remark I don’t recall clearly seems like something about enjoy the flight or good luck then jumped.

After he jumped I ran to the cabin but was blocked by something seems like it was something mechanical in front of the cabin doors stopping us from accessing the cabin.

I ran back into the rear section looked around for a chute but seen none and decided my only chance was to try and catch up to the officer that jumped.

I grabbed a piece of wood paneling that was being used for customizing the interior and used it to help slow my decent and catch up to him.

It had been maybe 10 or 15 seconds since he jumped so I had to slow my forward momentum and the plywood panel is all I could see that could do that.

The plywood slipped out of my hands after about 10 seconds so I placed my hands into my jacket pockets and used my jacket like the wing suits you see being used today.

I was just able to reach him and get above right as he had pulled his chute.

I came in at a slight angle hitting the strings of the shoot as it deployed and wrapped my right arm and leg around them as I slid down into the officer hitting him so hard it ripped the parachute off his back.

I almost lost hold of the knot of strings and just barley grabbed the knot as it tore from his back.

I watched Herb (who jumped after I did) fall past me about 30 feet short.

I remember him yelling yay! You did it! As he passed by plummeting to his death looking up at me, he kept yelling yay! Yay! These screams of exhilaration I recall he didn’t look down and kept looking at me yelling, it was like he was yelling it so he didn’t have to look down and face his death he just kept yelling ya! ya! You did it! It was hard to watch knowing my friend was dead but yelling like he was happy, I’m sure it was partly for me and so he didn’t have to face thinking of his fate seconds away from his death.

All I had to hold onto was a knot of strings which I worried would come apart. I floated to the desert floor taking what seemed to be an eternity. My arms were getting extremely tired.

I recall wrapping my arms around the strings but then my circulation was cut off. I placed my legs over but was too afraid to let go of the knot so my arms still became tired.

I held the knot of strings in my mouth and held one arm over the strings as I let my other arm relax and regain strength but even then it was sapping all my energy.

I was almost out of strength to hold the strings any longer when I finally hit the ground.

I swore I would never go on a plane again without a chute after that.

Afterward the officers in the plane following the PAK-1 found me and found out what I had done.

This group in the military who planned it all decided I would be more useful to them alive than dead after what I had pulled off or at least that is what they told me.

But more likely they needed me to cooperate quickly Because of those who witnessed me get on the plane with the Pakistan president and his group they needed my body in that wreckage so they told me to claim I lived through it and told me to explain the reason for the odd motions of the plane before the crash

They drove me to the site before anybody had arrived. They had me lay down in the wreckage so I would be found by the Pakistan troops when they arrived.

After seeing the wreckage they had a problem as everything was so badly destroyed it would have been impossible for anybody to survive in the tail section as they told me to claim but even it was destroyed.

Troops were not far off so I had to lay down in the wreckage and have one of them find me.

I was to give them a story of how the plane went down telling them we tried to control the planes descent by making the group inside run from one end of the plane to the other as we couldn’t get into the cockpit due to a structure blocking our path.

What I explained matched what they watched happen in the sky with the plane climbing then falling like on a roller-coaster ride.

Maybe some in the Military and CIA were at odds with each other disagreeing about ending the cold war with one side wanting to destroy the USSR through war and the other wanting to end it peacefully and becoming allies.

The CIA planned to compromise the Pak president using videos of him with under age teen boys or girls.

I was told prior to the flight they were taking him to a party where the compromise would take place then force him to stop supplying arms and support to Afghanistan troops or the video would be released etc.

During the 80s the CIA, FBI and other agencies didn’t work together like they do today.

It could also be that neither the CIA nor the US Military had planned on following through with helping the Soviets as I promised.

My future would become one of being framed as a bad guy using their MKUltra programming.

They ended up destroying my character, credibility and entire life. Robbed me of billions owed to me by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Settlements I was to receive were robbed from me as well. My entire life and everything I went through erases with them making me out to look like a delusional nut case.

During the Panama Invasion I was sent into ambush after ambush losing all my men. William Colby made the call to our base in South Africa telling me we had to go and capture Noriega.

Maybe he and Bush Sr. both figured this would be the best way to get rid of me.

After all that has been done to me by my country from them helping Bill Gates and Paul Allen rob me of my 22.5% of Microsoft to drugging me up and having me framed for crimes to keep me silenced.

The MKUltra program is by far the evilest and cruelest program ever to have been created by man yet most American’s refuse to believe the truth.

They listen to lies told by those who created the program and after finding out the truth they help cover it up so nobody faces charges and to make sure they don’t have to pay victims and allow the human race to see how evil our government really is.

There may be people who worked on the inside of the Pak-1 before the crash and know what I said about the construction of the interior is accurate.

They would know about the plywood panels being inside the interior being remodeled along with the bar setup inside towards the back of the plane as well as the structure between the cockpit and rear of the plane that was so hard to try and get through and reach the cockpit.

How could I know this if I wasn’t on board when these events happened?

Something else that would confirm my story is whoever found that plywood panel in the desert floor afterwards.

My memory is still not as clear as I would like but a great deal has been done to me since 1988.

When I first started to recall I thought there were two officers who jumped not one and the one I tore the chute of had died but as my memory gets clearer I believe it was only one officer and he probably had a reserve chute he used because it seems like it was him on the ground telling the men who arrived how I survived and saying I earned the right to live after pulling that off.

My life being used by this secret society started when I was between 10-11 years of age. 1976-77

William Colby had tested some drug on me I later found out was called Adrenochrome.

I was used around the age of 13 to infiltrate the 5 mob families, I spent time with each family while they were being formed into one family controlled by

the CIA who used them to sell drugs. They decided if they couldn’t stop the drug trade they would take it over and did and the Panama invasion was more about the drugs and money Noriega had been cutting the CIA out of.

Me and some of my men held Noriega at his house while everybody thought he was holdup in a church he was actually making a deal with the CIA.

He was to hand over the money and drugs and in exchange he would be allowed to live and stay with his family for a week or so before we took him in.

We ended up sneaking him into the church after everything was located and in the hands of the CIA.

The way my squad found him was through Colby who got the information from the Columbian cartel who Manuel had contacted trying to get snuck out of Panama but was double crossed and the information given to us to capture him.

I also have photo and video proof of me being used as an MKUltra during the Reagan assassination attempt in 1981 which was actually the Brady assassination attempt. Reagan was hit by accident from one of Hinckley bullets hitting the car as he was pushed in.

I won my court case with the evidence and witness testimony from Jose Muratti’s sister.

My Comment: This is a censored story by a person who suffered heinously in the CIA MkUltra program to create Assassins.

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