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Censorship News

We wanted to let our Vaxxed community know that at the end of the day today, Vimeo is requiring that we remove Vaxxed from their streaming platform due to a belief that the film violates their “content guidelines.” This latest move by Vimeo is part of a pervasive international effort by social media and marketplace platforms such as YouTube, Mailchimp, Google, and Amazon, to censor all content that is critical of vaccines.
We do not agree that Vaxxed makes “false or misleading claims about vaccine safety” as Vimeo suggests. Vaxxed takes the claims of a top CDC scientist and calls for a congressional hearing and proper investigation to be done. This should not be controversial. Unfortunately, Vimeo does not appear to agree, and we have no choice but to comply with the removal of the film.
To the best of our knowledge, Vimeo will be honoring all previous sales and will be maintaining any purchased/download-to-own streams already made before today. If you experience any issues accessing your previously purchased content, please contact Vimeo customer service directly, as this is unfortunately not something we can control.
The good news is that Vaxxed is still available to stream on iTunes, as well as Google Play, Vudu, and Direct TV on Demand. To access these options, please visit our website here.
The DVD can also be purchased from our website using the links below.
In light of this development, we are offering a 2 for 1 deal on the VAXXED DVD until midnight PST on July 24th(Buy 1, Get 1 FREE).
NTSCand PAL DVDsavailableThat’s only $14.95 + shipping for 2 DVDsAlso, get a NTSC DVD 10packs& international PAL DVD 10packswith FREE shipping worldwide using the codeVAXXED10PACK at checkout!
Beginning July 25th, the Vaxxed DVD will be $14.95 plus shipping.

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