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The Connecticut Department of Public Health has published the Ingredients list for the Moderna COVID “Vaccine” and that data sheet confirms it contains a chemical “SM-102.”MODERNA’S “SM-102” INGREDIENT – What is it?The SM-102 Material Safety Data Sheet describes this chemical as “NOT FOR HUMAN OR VETERINARY USE”. Here is the information published by the Connecticut Department of Health about the Moderna COVID Vaccine, which lists its INGREDIENTS:
MAccording to the manufacturer, Cayman Chemical Company in their filing with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this chemical causes “Acute Toxicity “Fatal in contact with skin.”
In that same OSHA filing, the manufacturer declares SM-102  “Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure.” 
MRNALEFT – See these two sections from the manufacturer’s OSHA filing:This IS what they are injecting into YOUR arm when you take the Moderna COVID Vax.  You are APPARENTLY being POISONED!Is that why so many people are having “adverse reactions”?
Health departments all over the USA are running TV and Radio ads telling the general public this vaccine is “SAFE.”  That is FALSE ADVERTISING.The full information release from the Connecticut Department of health, listing the ingredients, can be downloaded directly from the Connecticut State Government web site HERE   (Archived HERE)
The full Material Data Safety Sheet on Chemical “SM-102” can be downloaded from the Cayman Chemical Company web site HERE   (Archived HERE)
Now that this information is finally out (and “too late” for many), the unvaccinated need to re-think getting an injection of poison.
The already vaccinated may want to get a good personal injury lawyer – while you’re still alive.
MODERNA’S CHLOROFORM INGREDIENTBiochemists reveal that SM-102 is delivered via a solution of Chloroform – a hazard not listed on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The MSDS deals only with the substance SM-102 as it is manufactured by Cayman Chemical Company.  Period.  The ingredients list in the Moderna COVID ‘Vaccine” lists SM-102 as the third most-prevalent ingredient in the vaccine as the Cayman Chemical Company describes it without mentioning the chloroform delivery solution. CHLOROFORM (used with the SM-102) has been outlawed for use by consumers for decades.The reason Chloroform is outlawed for use by consumers has to do with how long it stays in a human body and what it does to a human body while it’s inside.  The Half-Life of Chloroform is 180 days.   That means that it takes half a YEAR for only HALF of the chloroform, to be exited out of the body. Chloroform, like any other chemical, breaks down.  And when it comes into contact with oxygen, it breaks down into . . . . wait for it . . . . Phosgene Gas.  MODERNA’S PHOSGENE GAS INGREDIENTPhosgene gas is fatal to humans in concentrations as low as seven parts per million (7ppm).
As chloroform circulates through the bodies of the injected, it breaks down over a period of one year into phosgene gas that is likely released within 180 days after the second “jab.”And there’s MORE!  Phosgene is a highly toxic substance that exists as a gas at room temperature. One of the hallmarks of phosgene toxicity is a latent (delayed) phase before noncardiogenic pulmonary edema sets in.  Yes, the lungs fill with fluid and the patient can’t breathe.  Just like . . . .  “COVID.”  WHEN PEOPLE START DROPPING LIKE FLIESAs injected people start dropping like flies in 6 months to one year of the injection, the very same people who brought us the vaccine can simply blame it on a COVID variant.  Gee whiz, too bad they died from a COVID variant that the vaccine couldn’t protect them from.  Great way to depopulate the planet and no one is the wiser for it because the deaths are so distant from the TIME of the jab and their phosgene gas poisoning symptoms mimic the symptoms of COVID. fraud is a tough legal battle…but this will help; Pharmaceutical Companies are required to put an INSERT into their products that list ingredients and all the known side effects.  But as the video (left) will show, those inserts boxed with the “vaccines” . . . .  ARE BLANK!Moderna and J & J shipped product with blank inserts.  Why?Were they worried people would look up the ingredients and find out they’re not for human or veterinary use?  In criminal law, might the decision to use blank inserts be “consciousness of guilt?” 
FACEBOOK FACT-CHECKER (5/19/21)The Facebook “Fact-Checker” has labeled this article “FALSE” – likely because their company is named as a source. They are discrediting the factual evidence to protect themselves from a lawsuit by claiming this article uses “the wrong data sheet” from SM-102, but they do NOT provide any alternate data sheet to substantiate their claim.  There does not appear to be ANY other data sheet for any substance identified as SM-102. Most of the animals studied with the Moderna vaccine DIED from it during the animal testing studies but Moderna was granted a  WAIVER to stop the animal studies and go directly to experimental human use.  Apparently, we humans are now the study creatures for this so-called “vaccine” which may be why over four thousand people have died in the USA after taking the Moderna vaccine.  We stand-by the accuracy of this story. ARE THEY DOING THIS TO US?
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