Trump is Firmly On Board With the Depopulation Agenda-Here’s Proof!

Shock as Trump signs executive order that drops regulations on GMOs

Sad news today, friends: President Trump has just signed an executive order that would eliminate nearly all regulations on GMOs and genetically engineered crops.This is a huge win for Monsanto / Bayer, but a horrible defeat for ecology, clean food and consumer safety.Frustration with Trump is increasing among health-conscious individuals as the President seems to be all-in for 5G telecomm, vaccines and now GMOs.

See my full report here.Also today: MailChimp is now blocking the sending of emails that mention vaccine awareness or safety. The email hosting platform has gone full Orwellian and is even reportedly holding email lists “hostage” by not releasing them to the customers who built them.See the shocking true story of email censorship here.
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