LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

End the Crazy With LaRouche’s Mars Mission

Dennis Speed — LaRouchePAC, Manhattan, NYC

Diane Sare — LaRouchePAC, Manhattan, NYC

LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

Thursday, June 13, 2019 • 9:00 pm ET (6:00 pm PT)

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As the war continues over the American presidency, it’s time to completely outflank the ancient oligarchical enemy with Lyndon LaRouche’s celebration of human creativity encompassed in his vision for a crash program to reach Mars, starting with colonization of the Moon. This point was emphasized by Donald Trump early last week when he told NASA to stop referring to his space proposal as a Moon Mission. We have done that already. It is, rather, a mission to Mars and the encounter with all the scientific discoveries and problems inherent in that endeavor.

This accomplishment will not happen if the scientific mobilization necessary is a secret program confined to the defense industries. Realization of the potential for this project depends on a popular mobilization in depth. In addition to LaRouche, historian Derek Leebaert has noted the social aspect governing mission success or failure, that aspect which must be governed by LaRouche’s Third Law simultaneously with the three other laws for economic recovery. Leebaert notes that following World War II, Britain was far ahead of the United States in a variety of scientific fields. What the British lacked, because of their oligarchical imperial model, was a division of labor within the population capable of assimilating and fully exploiting technological discoveries. That love of science and fundamental progress together with the celebration of the divine potential of every human being is what the British oligarchs have targeted and sought to destroy in U.S. culture through all of their efforts at degradation. Now, as the national security surveillance state, akin to Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, continues its all out effort to shrink the minds of the population, dividing it into warring siloed groups who cannot think beyond the next news cycle’s “breaking development,” and one entire section of the population forecasts the end of humankind within 12 years, while taking every step possible to accomplish that result, it is well past time for Lyndon LaRouche’s vision and his science of creative discovery to become hegemonic.

Join us for tonight’s organizing discussion.

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