All Your Hollywood Celebrities Are Deep State Assets!


Since Moby is trending, here’s a fun fact. This one’s for all you sleepy Americans out there who don’t YET realize all your Hollywood celebrities are deep state assets: Moby Says CIA Agents Asked Him To Spread The Word On Trump And Russia Enjoy!

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Tiffany FitzHenry
Tiffany FitzHenry

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My first job in Hollywood I worked for a very powerful producer. It’s openly discussed that when you hire Tom Cruise per his contract he gets 2 trailers — one for him, one for his ‘boys.’ All of Hollywood has known for decades Tom Cruise is gay. Most leading men are.


Scientology, David Miscavage sued for child abuse, human trafficking, libel. A team of human rights attorneys on Tuesday filed the first of what they promise will be a series of lawsuits against the Church of Scientology and its David Miscavige #ByeFelicia

  1. Tiffany FitzHenry‏ @Tiff_FitzHenry
     Jun 18MoreThat light is God. Let there be light. Consciousness is life, without it you are dead. The void within psychopaths is satan, darkness, death. Without regard for human life, they appear strong, but that strength is an illusion. Know they’re just showing us what’s inside them…7 replies89 retweets390 likesReply 7 Retweet 89 Like 390 Direct messageShow this thread
  2. Tiffany FitzHenry‏ @Tiff_FitzHenry Jun 18MoreThese beings can and often do become very powerful. Because the rest of us, through deception, fear, necessity or opportunism, yield to them. But you know what the funny thing is? They’re conscious-less, filled with darkness, whereas we are consciousness, filled with light.9 replies57 retweets315 likesReply 9 Retweet 57 Like 315 Direct messageShow this thread

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NXIVM case is most disturbing and important thing I’ve ever covered. Child trafficking from Mexico, fake ID’s for sex slaves, threats to deport girls, Satanic rituals, top Dem politicians and Mexican elites were part of it. Everything is connected. Closing arguments start Monday.504 replies8,005 retweets10,157 likesReply 504 Retweet 8.0K Like 10K Direct message

Proof Sex Education For Children & Trannie Agenda ARE DEPOPULATION AGENDA

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The younger we ‘educate’ children about sex, the more adolescent suicide spikes. The more kids come out as gay and transgender, the more adolescent suicide spikes. The further our society driftes from the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine, the more adolescent suicide spikes.94 replies841 retweets1,892 likesReply 94 Retweet 841 Like 1.9K Direct message

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Live how you want. It’s not my job to judge you, just to love. But all intelligent people must admit, homosexuality and gender dysmorphia, as a way of life, runs biologically counter to our species’ survival. Promoting it in education and culture smacks of a eugenics program.73 replies387 retweets1,157 likesReply 73 Retweet 387 Like 1.2K Direct message


Well done @ARMInvestigatio 42.4K views2:20 / 2:205:51 AM – 13 Jun 2019

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How long has North Korea been a vassal state of the CIA? Since before most of us were born. Since 1949, North Korea, as you’ve been lead to believe it exists, has been nothing more than a CIA created hologram.

Tiffany FitzHenry added,BNO NewsVerified account @BNONewsBREAKING: Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of Kim Jong Un who was assassinated in Malaysia in 2017, was a CIA informant – WSJ20 replies364 retweets678 likesReply 20 Retweet 364 Like 678 Direct message

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Gosh, it’s almost as if Liz Crokin was right all along… I mean, it’s like Ben Swann was thrown off CBS for talking about Pizzagate because it was actually true and because it implicated the same rich, powerful people controlling the flow of information…

Tiffany FitzHenry added,Tiffany FitzHenry @Tiff_FitzHenryThis twitter-verified respected member of the MSM with the handle @DrPizza and pizza emoji in his name, who railed against 8chan and ‘Pizzagate conspiracies,’ was just arrested trying to purchase a 7 and 9 year old child for sex. You. Can’t. Make. This. Stuff. Up. Folks. …33 replies601 retweets1,102 likesReply 33 Retweet 601 Like 1.1K Direct message

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