We Are Change Rudkowski Detained in Swiss Airport

Bilderberg 2019: I’ve Already Been Arrested! Detained In Switzerland Airport With My Fellow Independent JournalistsWell, that didn’t take long…however, the announcement of the location and attendees of Bilderberg 2019 certainly did! Yes, that is me beside fellow independent journalists Dan DIcks, Josh Freidman, and Max Bachman in a holding room at the airport. But we will get to that in a moment. You see that wasn’t the first time I was even approached by an undercover officer and questioned, as I detail that experience in the vlog below.With less than 72 hours notice it was a difficult task just to make last minute travel arrangements and without you guys funding us it would not have been possible so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As Jason worked on putting faces to names back home I was on my way to scope out Montreux where this year’s event would be held, after all some HUGE NAMES were once again on the list such as Kissinger, Schmidt, and Theil. While those names command almost instant recognition perhaps the most shocking name to be on the list was Jared Kushner.

You would think that Donald Trump’s son in law attending would at least command headlines in the so-called alternative media…think again. Kushner who was also sent on a “Peace Envoy” just prior to the conference is probably closer to a sitting President than any other attendee in history, that with combined with reports that Mike Pompeo will be making a visit despite not being on the official list have many wondering if this doesn’t have something to do with Iran.Meanwhile while attempting to ask attendees on their way in for a comment on Bilderberg I was time and time again met with silence accompanied with suited goons for the protection of the elites. Despite all this, we march forward in an attempt to bring you all the very much needed coverage of this extremely important globalist event. So Thank you all for supporting us!
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