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God Interrupted Man’s Prayer With 3 Open Visions Showing Horrific Destruction Coming To America – Jason Lawrence


Meranda Devan

Jason Lawrence

In May 2016 I had a vision of a nuclear weapon.

In the first vision I saw a nuclear attack on a coastal U.S. city. I could not see any landmarks that would tell me what city or even what coast line it was on.

A couple days later I had a dream I was brought high above New York City and it was nothing but fire and destruction and an angel told me the nuclear bomb that you saw was a coastal city and the coastal city was New York.

As I woke up I turn on the news and I see that New York voted to perform abortions all the way up to birth. Then the world trade center and the empire state building is light up pink to celebrate abortion. It is the harbinger all over again we have not learned our lesson.

On May 22, 2016 when the altar call was given at my local church I went forward and got on my knees to pray. I prayed for members of my church family, my wife and children, and more distant relatives. I asked God to help in various situations with the people I knew. However, God seemed to interrupt my prayers with something completely different. Over the course of several minutes, He spoke to me in three visions:

In the first vision I saw a nuclear attack on a coastal U.S. city. I could not see any landmarks that would tell me what city or even what coast line it was on.

The second vision flashed a chain of events in front of me like an old silent movie. First, a series of volcanoes erupted causing great damage followed by three major earthquakes along the west and northwest coast. After that I saw great tsunamis destroying major U.S. cities. These disasters resulted in widespread civil breakdown with rioting and looting followed by the declaration of Martial Law.

Next came the most disturbing sight as pastors were dragged out of their homes and places of worship with blood covering their faces from being beaten. Angry mobs were shouting “kill them!” There arose a government-controlled church where only state-approved doctrine was taught while the true church was driven underground into small home meetings. At these meetings, someone had to be on guard at all times to avoid discovery. The vision ended with people lined up for what seemed like miles to obtain the basic needs of survival.

Deeply disturbed by these two visions, I left the altar and went to the prayer room where I cried and spoke in tongues until the Lord showed me a third vision. In this final vision I heard wailing and screams coming from large cities. The cities were in rubble, looking like ghost towns in the dead of winter. The few people who were wandering about all had on gas masks. As I looked up at the grey forbidding skies, I heard the voice of the Lord proclaim,

“This is the judgment like Sodom and Gomorrah and the plagues on Egypt. And so it will be for America, says the Lord.”

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8-6-15 – VISION (& DREAM): The Black Cube & Jihad in the United States – Linda Hasche

Posted On August 10, 2015 By BelieveActs2

Jeremiah 51:11 – “Sharpen the arrows! Fill the quivers! The LORD has put it into the mind of the kings of the Medes because His plan is aimed at Babylon to destroy her, for it is the LORD’s vengeance, vengeance for His temple.”

Isaiah 55:6 – “Seek the LORD while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near.”


I saw a large, shiny black cube*, floating in outer space darkness. It was tipped at a 45 degree angle, with the entire cube on one point, pointing at a SouthWest direction. I saw many small green lights, like dots, also floating near that SouthWest point on the black cube.

I asked the LORD, “what is that?”
He said: “Jihad will kill millions in your country. Pray they will call on my name in the day of trouble.”

I asked the LORD for a dream to confirm this vision and Word. A few hours later I fell asleep and had the following dream:

I was both an observer in the dream and had a part in the dream. I was standing outside of an ornate, Middle-Eastern building, that had large open archways, with ornate stonework both inside and outside.


You could peer inside the building, yet did not have to be standing inside of it. This type of architecture you would see in ancient Persia (modern-day Iran). As an observer, I saw myself being held by muslims who were about to burn me alive, for being a Christian.

That is all I remember about this dream. It confirmed the vision I had on the same night. I knew and know this is a warning dream from the LORD. With several days of prayer and seeking the LORD, I was given understanding of what is going happen.

—–> Nothing will be able to stop this jihad, because it is an instrument of judgement upon the nation.



There will be a demonically evil and darkly supernatural component to the jihad that is coming upon the United States. There will be dark forces that are supernaturally charged with demons. There will be no mercy shown. This jihad will arise “SUDDENLY” and without warning. ONLY those who call on the name of Jesus will have eternal salvation during this judgment. Many will be those who die a martyr’s death, but MOST will be those who go into eternal damnation.

The United States is under judgment for turning to “the lust of the flesh” and to abominations that are a stench in the nostrils of the ONE TRUE and HOLY LIVING GOD.


The Hand of the LORD is against the United States. Her cup of iniquity is overflowing. She sought change and has been given the change she sought: she is now Obama’s-nation, an abomination. Her will is being done, since the will of the Heavenly Father was abandoned.

WOE, WOE, WOE to the nation who turns away from the grace and mercy of the Heavenly Father, through the salvation of the LORD Jesus Christ.

May each person, who professes to be a Christian, stop right now and ask the LORD to reveal any area of sin that is unpleasing to Him. REPENT!!! and be saved. Forgive ALL who have sinned against you. DAILY pick up your cross and follow Jesus. Pray and worship the LORD like never before. Read the Bible. Heed the leading of the Holy Spirit.

PREPARE FOR PERSECUTION . . it’s coming. Will you be faithful and endure until the very end?



In 2014, Rick Joyner had a profound dream, whereby ISIS Islamic terrorists, along with demonic entities came across the Southern border of the United States and attacked. According to Mr. Joyner, the attack was so fierce, brutal and barbaric, that militia arose throughout the United States to come against this atrocity and the Federal Government that allowed it. That incident spawned chaos, which resulted in martial law.


In addition, Mr. Joyner gave a warning that the borders needed to be secured by the end of December 2014, or his vision would come to pass. We know the borders were not secured by the timeframe he gave, but have actually been opened up to individuals coming across the border, including known felons.

Here’s a link to Mr. Joyner’s discussion of his warning dream:


Jeremiah 51:33 – “For this is what the LORD of Hosts, the God of Israel, says:
‘The daughter of Babylon is like a threshing floor at the time it is trampled. In just a little while her harvest time will come.’”

Psalm 18:6 – “In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears.”

Psalm 77:2  “When I was in distress, I sought the Lord; at night I stretched out untiring hands, and I would not be comforted.”

1 Peter 4:12-13 – “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you; but to the degree that you share the sufferings of Christ, keep on rejoicing, so that also at the revelation of His glory you may rejoice with exultation.”


*I was unable to find an exact representation of the vision I saw. I was drawn to the photo that I used for this post, which is a depiction of “the Borg”. However, in the vision, the cube was shiny black, like it was covered with acrylic. Also, there was not one green ray of light coming from it, but multiple green light “dots” to the lower left side of it (SouthWest). In doing some research, I came across this “Borg” quote which can easily be applied to Islamic belief that one day the entire globe will be subjugated under Islam and become a global Islamic caliphate:

“We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

The Black Cube in Islam: The Kaaba. This is the black cube-shaped building, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, which houses what many believe to be the remnants of an asteroid. Muslims are required to go to on a pilgrimage to this site at least once in their lifetime, called “the hajj”.


This link will take you to more info about the hajj, where you can also see a photo of the Kaaba:

Saturn Worship and the Occult: Info on the following website discusse the association between satan and Saturn worship.


Please note the first black cube shown on this site and to the right, is a better representation of the black cube I saw in the vision, however, “the Borg” photo I used for this post, was what the Holy Spirit prompted me to use. Here’s the link:

Additional info on Saturn Worship:

My (crude) Drawing of the Vision:

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