Catholic Bishop Blames Pedophile Priests on the Jews (Poland)

by Editor

ED-NOTE: He is absolutely right and is the result of the Jewish infiltration and subversion of the Catholic Church to destroy it from within which officially started in 1492 (as a result of the Alhambra Decree) and is documented by Jewish historians themselves (Heinrich Graetz, Cecil Roth).

And in the case of Poland, it all goes back to one man: Jacob Frank.

As a side note, isn’t it interesting that the time the Jews started fighting back the Catholic Church, started infiltrating it has been named by modern-day Scholarship “The Renaissance” and that everything before that is labelled the “Dark Ages”? The Medieval period is not as Hollywood depicts it (who runs Hollywood?) and was in fact the most glorious era of European History, the only time when all European nations were lead by jew-wise monarchs. It was only a ‘dark age’ for the Jews because they could not see any light at the end of this endless Catholic tunnel.

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