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Indonesia’s High-Speed Railway Satellite Towns Would Create New Wealth

Sri Lanka Port City Project Moves Ahead with China Development Bank Loan

The Euro Victimizes Member States with Punitive Devaluation

CO2 Coalition Intervenes in Washington

Japan’s Shinzo Abe Offers ‘Unconditional’ Meeting with Kim Jong Un

South Korea’s Doosan Heavy Industries To Invest in NuScale’s Small Modular Reactors

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Zepp-LaRouche: Be Optimistic! Trump-Putin Call Advances the New Paradigm

May 5 (EIRNS)—The ninety-minute call between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin May 3 was greeted by Helga Zepp-LaRouche as “really good news” today, as she spoke on the weekly Schiller Institute strategic webcast. She said, “If you think about it, the heads of the two largest nuclear powers in the world are talking again about strategic issues: That should make everybody happy, because it’s very important for the strategic stability and the possible solution of all relevant conflicts.”

Zepp-LaRouche stressed this while reviewing several broader strategic implications of the emerging post-Russiagate situation, covering the following points, which support her encouragement to, “Be optimistic.” She noted:

 The importance of the Trump-Putin discussion for economic and strategic cooperation, including that they addressed the situations in Venezuela, Ukraine and North Korea.

 The positive potential for U.S.-China cooperation, with another session of trade talks scheduled for the coming days, which are proceeding despite the efforts of British-directed neocons to sabotage the negotiations;

 Broader recognition of the attractiveness of collaboration with the Belt and Road Initiative, from the trans-Atlantic, following the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation last month. This is indicated in several positive developments in Germany recently.

 The significance of the April 30 meeting on infrastructure between President Trump and Democratic Party Congressional leaders. That bipartisan White House meeting highlights the split widening within the Democrats, between the crazies, focused still on impeaching Trump and pushing the Green New Deal, in distinction to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her networks, which recognize the need to accomplish something positive.

 And very importantly, there is growing recognition of the British Empire role in running Russiagate.

On this last point, Zepp-LaRouche underscored, “You can say, about two years of Trump’s Presidency, or a little bit more already, was lost because of this absolute, incredible Mueller investigation, which now is becoming more and more clear that this was collusion by British intelligence on the side of the heads of intelligence of the Obama Administration, and naturally—was this with the knowledge of Obama and Hillary Clinton?  It would be very doubtful if it was not.”

Zepp-LaRouche made reference to the new descriptions coming out on British agentry involved in attempted entrapment in 2016, of Trump campaign stringer George Papadopoulos, who has been describing it on U.S. television this past week. Plus, the New York Times likewise reported on it, in what is likely a pre-emptive maneuver. Zepp-LaRouche said, “Papadopoulos was on Fox TV on the Hannity program, where he discussed the role of British intelligence and other Western intelligence services in this whole affair. And he made a joke which is very close to what we had said [in the webcast] last week—namely, that if President Trump goes to this state visit to Great Britain, he should bring up with Theresa May and the Queen, what was the role of the British?  I mean, maybe he shouldn’t go at all, but if he goes, he should have great fun.”

Drawing out the point further, Zepp-LaRouche said, “I think this whole British side is really the most important to focus on, because this is also at the bottom to what led to the prosecution of my husband.” Now, the fight to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche from the wrongful, concocted actions against him, offers the best roadmap to understand who ran Russiagate, and the strategic reasons why, and to take action to change history today. “I think people should be optimistic, because I think the biggest enemy to the human species sometimes, is the pessimism of too many individuals and the doubt that you can actually move history in a better direction. But I think the role of the individual in history, especially in conjunctures like the one we have now, is really big.  It’s the idea that if you have a plan, an idea, and the time of that idea has come, and you have the courage to move on it, you can actually change the course of history completely.”


Putin and Trump Speak for Ninety Minutes by Phone for First Time Since Last Year

May 4 (EIRNS)—On May 3rd the Presidents of the world’s two great nuclear powers had a 90-minute telephone conversation that both agreed was a productive step in moving toward collaboration on peaceful economic development. It is their first discussion since the Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2018 Buenos Aires G20 meeting, at which a scheduled full-scale summit was cancelled and replaced with only a brief informal exchange. In yesterday’s discussion, both sides emphasized their intention to pursue peaceful collaboration. Afterwards, President Donald Trump and his Press Secretary Sarah Sanders emphatically rejected all attempts by the pro-war media to uncover any conflict between the two Presidents.

The Kremlin released this statement May 3rd on the Presidents’ discussion:

“Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the United States of America Donald Trump, at the initiative of the American side.

“The current state and prospects of bilateral relations were discussed with a focus on economic cooperation. The two presidents spoke in favor of developing mutually beneficial trade and investment relations. They affirmed their shared commitment to step up dialogue in various areas, including on issues of strategic stability.

“Vladimir Putin informed Donald Trump of the key results of his April 25 meeting in Vladivostok with Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the D.P.R.K. Kim Jong Un, stressing that Pyongyang’s good-faith fulfillment of its commitments should be accompanied by reciprocal steps to ease the sanctions pressure on North Korea. Both parties noted the importance of consistent progress towards denuclearization and achieving long-term normalization on the Korean Peninsula.

“The situation in Ukraine was touched on in the context of the recent presidential election. Vladimir Putin emphasized that the new leadership in Kiev should take real steps to implement the Minsk Agreements, which are critical to resolving the internal Ukrainian conflict.

“While exchanging views on the situation around Venezuela, the President of Russia underscored that only the Venezuelans themselves have the right to determine the future of their country, whereas outside interference in the country’s internal affairs and attempts to change the government in Caracas by force undermine prospects for a political settlement of the crisis. It was agreed to maintain contacts at various levels,

“The two heads of state expressed satisfaction with the business-like and constructive nature of the conversation.”

At the White House, news media questioned Trump about his call with Putin, when the President appeared at a press briefing with Slovakia’s Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini yesterday, after they had had a meeting. Asked about the Venezuela conflict, over which Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo seem to want a military intervention, President Trump said, “He [Putin] is not looking at all to get involved in Venezuela other than he’d like to see something positive happen for Venezuela.  And I feel the same way.  We want to get some humanitarian aid. Right now, people are starving. They have no water, they have no food. This is, Mr. Prime Minister, one of the richest countries in the world 20 years ago, and now they don’t have food and they don’t have water for their people.  So we want to help on a humanitarian basis.”  Trump made no mention of either Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro or the neocon-backed would-be usurper Juan Guaidó.

On arms control, Trump said, “We’re talking about a nuclear agreement where we make less and they make less, and maybe even where we get rid of some of the tremendous firepower that we have right now.  We’re spending billions of dollars on nuclear weapons…. We need that, but they are also—and China is, frankly, also—we discussed the possibility of a three-way deal instead of a two-way deal.  And China—I’ve already spoken to them; they very much would like to be a part of that deal.  In fact, during the trade talks, we started talking about that. They were excited about that…. So, I think we’re going to probably start up something very shortly between Russia and ourselves…. And I think China will be added down the road.”

On the “election meddling issues,” Trump said, “We discussed it. He actually sort of smiled when he said something to the effect that it started up as a mountain and ended up being a mouse. But he knew that, because he knew there was no collusion whatsoever.”  As Trump continued, three reporters cut him off, “Did you tell him not to meddle?  Did you ask him not to meddle? Did you tell him not to meddle in the next election?”  After pointing out their rudeness, Trump said, “We didn’t discuss that,” and reiterated the areas of mutual cooperation they had focused on.

Asked about Press Freedom Day, he said that he was happy to see the front page of the New York Times report on the spying against his campaign, which he called “a story bigger than Watergate.” Otherwise, he referred to the fake news about his administration, and said, “When you have stories that are purposely written badly … that’s not free press, that’s the opposite of free press.”

In his tweets on his discussion with Putin, Trump wrote yesterday:

“Had a long and very good conversation with President Putin of Russia. As I have always said, long before the Witch Hunt started, getting along with Russia, China, and everyone is a good thing, not a bad thing. We discussed Trade, Venezuela, Ukraine, North Korea, Nuclear Arms Control and even the ‘Russian Hoax.’ Very productive talk!”

And today:

“Very good call yesterday with President Putin of Russia. Tremendous potential for a good/great relationship with Russia, despite what you read and see in the Fake News Media. Look how they have misled you on ‘Russia Collusion.’ The World can be a better and safer place. Nice!”

Sara Sanders reported briefly to the press on the Trump/Putin dialogue, repeating many times that the President’s concern was in humanitarian assistance to Venezuela.  Asked about their discussion of the Mueller report, she said, they agreed, “It’s over…. There was no collusion—something I’m sure both leaders were aware of for a very long time.  Now they moved on.”

A reporter asked about House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s most recent, but, as the reporter said, “conciliatory,” deadline for release of the full report, Sanders said, “There’s probably no choice left to him but to be conciliatory,” because there is nothing there. She then explained that she was shocked that, after all of their threats and demands, neither Nadler, nor his “Democratic colleagues have taken the time to read the less redacted copy that is sitting down the hall from them.”

When asked, as the President was, what was being done about Russian “meddling,” Sanders answered, “This administration, unlike the last one, takes meddling in our election process very seriously.”

Russian UN Ambassador Asserts Good U.S.-Russian Relations Are Crucial for World Peace and Stability

May 5 (EIRNS)—Speaking today before an estimated 2,000 people at the march of the Immortal Regiment at the World War II memorial in Battery Park, New York, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia underscored that good U.S.-Russian relations must once again become the prerequisite of world peace and stability, TASS reported. His remarks came two days after Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump held a “very positive” 90-minute phone call.

It was precisely this type of cooperation, Nebenzia said, that made the Allied victory in World War II possible. Following the singing of the U.S. and Russian national anthems, he continued: “As we stood here listening to both anthems, it occurred to me that our countries have never been at war with each other. We’ve always been allies. And we are obliged to do our utmost to ensure the relations between the two countries should become again a prerequisite of world stability: the kind of relations that we achieved in those days of peace to let the world heave a sigh of relief.”

In Washington, Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov addressed about 1,000 people at the Immortal Regiment march, which ended up at the World War II memorial.

As Attorney General Barr Investigates the Investigators, Mueller Report Lies Are Being Unveiled

May 5 (EIRNS)—Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson points to the “malevolent farce that is Mueller and the Russia hoax,” in his May 3 and May 5 guest posts on Pat Lang’s blog Sic Semper Tyrannis. Johnson begins with the fact that the “Introduction” to the Mueller report justifies the investigation of Donald Trump by claiming as undisputed fact that, “the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” But, according to Mueller, this “sweeping and systematic” interference, consisted of:

 a social media campaign that favored presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton;

 Russian military intelligence conducted computer-intrusion operations against entities, employees, and volunteers working on the Clinton Campaign and then released stolen documents.

“You have got to be kidding me?” Johnson documents all the claims that Mueller made about Russia’s “wildly influential … propaganda behemoth,” proof of which was the alleged Internet Research Agency spending $100,000 on Facebook ads. This apparently is more powerful than the $1.2 billion spent by the Clinton campaign, the DNC and PACs—far more than the $600 million spent by the Trump campaign and Republicans. “The real propaganda here, in my judgment, is what Mueller and his team put out in their report. It is clearly written to feed a meme and promote animus towards Donald Trump under the guise of being an ‘official’ investigation.”

Johnson writes that he was stunned by Mueller’s claim that his investigation uncovered “numerous links between the Russian government and the Trump Campaign.” The reality is that the Russian “links” to the Trump Campaign “were manufactured by the FBI, the CIA and British Foreign Intelligence. This is both disingenuous and dishonest on the part of Mueller. The alleged Russian contacts were initiated by the FBI and the CIA, not the Trump team.”


South Korea and U.S. Agree To Deal with Projectile Launches by Pyongyang ‘Prudently’

May 4 (EIRNS)—South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke by phone and agreed on May 4 to react “prudently” to the May 4 projectile launches by North Korea, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said, reported TASS.

Although these were short-range weapons (70-200 km) that would be useless against the United States and not likely suitable to launch nuclear weapons, the New York Times and other media chose to report them as a threat to U.S. diplomatic efforts in relation to North Korea.

“Regarding today’s launch, the two sides agreed to prudently deal with it and continue to communicate while continuing additional analysis,” the Seoul Foreign Ministry said in a statement, as quoted by the South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders announced, “We are aware of North Korea’s actions tonight. We will continue to monitor as necessary.”

Lee Do-hoon, the South Korean Foreign Ministry’s special representative for North Korea and U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun also spoke by phone after the launches, the ministry reported.

Venezuela Opposition Cracking; Guaidó Admits ‘Miscalculating’ Military Support for Coup Attempt

May 5 (EIRNS)—The Venezuelan opposition is now reportedly splintering, if in fact it was ever united, and plans for future unified action are in doubt. The crass Bolton-Pompeo-orchestrated April 30 attempt by “President” Juan Guaidó to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro by calling on the Venezuelan military to rise up and oust him, failed miserably and has disillusioned some sections of the opposition, as the Washington Post reports today.

After the April 30 fiasco, the Post writes that Guaidó may now be fighting a two-front battle: to oust Maduro and to keep the opposition united. A May 3 march he called to military bases fizzled, attracting far fewer people than he had hoped. People are exhausted and frustrated.

Admitting he “miscalculated” the degree of military support he could count on, and that he has to work harder to bring more soldiers to his camp, Guaidó nonetheless makes clear he considers there’s always the prospect of U.S. military intervention, proffering the caveat that it were best done in coordination with Venezuelan troops who have gone over to the opposition. Guaidó said he’d accept any such offer and take it to the National Assembly for approval.

Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, the mentor of Juan Guaidó, who is now holed up in the Spanish embassy in Caracas, told Spain’s EFE news service that any military intervention to oust Maduro is a valid and constitutional option.

Meanwhile, there are increasing international calls for the opposition to sit down for official talks with the Maduro government. Guaidó has refused, saying there can be no talks that don’t have as a precondition Maduro’s exit from government.

Pompeo Hysterical that Plans for Great Power Conflict in Venezuela Are Failing

May 5 (EIRNS)—Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his neocon cohorts within the Trump Administration have been working to ensure that the U.S. and Russia engage in geopolitical confrontation over Venezuela, to destroy any basis for cooperation between them.

But the May 3 “very productive” 90-minute phone call between Presidents Trump and Putin—Trump’s description—in which Trump said that Putin wants to “see something positive” in Venezuela, has thrown a monkey wrench into that scenario, and Pompeo is unhinged, as he evinced today in his interview with “Fox News Sunday.”

Pressed by host Chris Wallace to explain what happened on April 30 with the failed military uprising that “President” Juan Guaidó was supposed to pull off, and whether there had been an intelligence failure, Pompeo could only repeat ad nauseam, the boring line that the U.S., guided by the President (he hopes), will save Venezuela from the tyranny of the “usurper” Nicolas Maduro. But Maduro is still in power, Wallace observed. “He is,” Pompeo said, but “these things take time.”

Throughout the interview, Wallace repeatedly returned to the Trump-Putin phone call, wanting to know why Trump didn’t discuss Russia’s 2016 election “meddling,” which prompted Pompeo into ranting about how tough the administration has been on Russia, and that probably Trump just didn’t have time to mention the meddling on the phone call. When confronted with Trump’s remarks about Putin and Venezuela, Pompeo could only cite some of Trump’s tweets of several weeks ago, to insist that the President wants the Russians out, and throwing in that now there are Iranians on the ground there—who’s coming next?—not to mention the “couple thousands Cuban thugs essentially controlling the country today.”

Wallace again raised Trump’s remarks about Putin not wanting to “get involved” in Venezuela, and asked Pompeo what he would tell Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov when they met in Finland on May 6. Pompeo declared he would tell him the “same thing the President told the world, that every country must get out [of Venezuela], including the Russians. We don’t want anyone messing around with the Venezuelans.” Against all evidence in the real world, Pompeo also insists that President Trump will authorize a military intervention into Venezuela, should he deem it necessary.

Lavrov Hosts Venezuela Foreign Minister in Moscow To Assess How To Overcome Crisis

May 5 (EIRNS)—Today in Moscow, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, to discuss perspectives for international mediation to facilitate talks between the Maduro government and the opposition, as well as to outline steps to deepen the existing comprehensive association between the two nations and proceed on a number of economic cooperation projects.

The meeting takes place just a day before Lavrov is scheduled to meet U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Finland, to discuss Venezuela, among other topics.

Lavrov is also focussed on efforts to create an “informal group” of nations at the UN which, he said, seeks to “protect the objectives and principles of the UN Charter and counter unilateral sanctions which have been imposed illegally on Venezuela and have greatly worsened its socioeconomic situation.”

For his part, Arreaza thanked Lavrov for Russia’s support, and attacked so-called “President” Juan Guaidó’s April 30 call for a military uprising “which failed completely.” Interventionists in Washington blamed Russia for that failure, claiming it was “propping up” Nicolas Maduro.


Italian Senate To Host ‘Partnership’ Meeting on the New Silk Road

May 3 (EIRNS)—“Italy-China Partnership in the New Silk Road” is the theme of a meeting to be held May 10 in the Italian Senate, promoted by Senate Foreign Committee Chairman and M5S member Vito Petrocelli, in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy and the Italy-China interparliamentary friendship association.

At a seminar in Rome March 20 to discuss the Italian edition of Xi Jinping’s book The Governance of China, Petrocelli had said that for Italian readers, this is a book about discovering China, discovering the secrets of China’s development and that China’s development is closely related to Italy.

After 45 Years, Thailand and Cambodia Restore Rail Connection

May 3 (EIRNS)—Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen joined hands at the Thai border post last week, then boarded a train to cross the border to the Cambodian town of Poipet on a train donated by Thailand. This marked the reopening of a rail connection between the two neighbors which was severed in 1975 when the Khmer Rouge took power in Cambodia and launched their genocidal regime.

Hun Sen described their journey as historic and thanked Thailand for its efforts to reconnect the railway between Cambodia and Thailand, noting that the railway will also eventually link Cambodia by rail to other Southeast Asian countries and boost economy and trade.

Also last week, China, Thailand and Laos leaders signed an MOU during the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, to escalate work on the high-speed rail lines now under construction in Thailand and Laos to link Kunming to Bangkok and the industrial area of Thailand called the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), down the eastern coast from Bangkok towards Cambodia.

Nikkei Asian Review’s May 2 report on the agreement includes a description of the ambitious China-Thai perspective on multiple development corridors. They report that Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha “told Premier Li Keqiang that he would accelerate construction of the Thai section of the railway to meet a notional 2023 completion date.”


New U.S. Labor Statistics Show Productive Jobs/Wages Stagnating

May 4 (EIRNS)—The April employment report from the Labor Department issued May 3 was welcomed by the White House for the 263,000 new employment “headline” figure. Looking beyond seasonal adjustments and monthly fluctuations, the economy reportedly added 2.6 million jobs in the year ending April 2019: down somewhat from the fastest growth of 2.8 million/year reached in the Trump Presidency, but still high.

But manufacturing and mining employment have shown no reported growth for three months; construction (largely residential) was the only goods-producing category which grew in April, by 32,000 jobs. Recall that U.S. industrial production fell by 0.3% in the first quarter of the year. Consistent with the services-only growth, average weekly wages fell in April by 0.2%; they are up 3.0% in the year to April for all employees, and 2.8% for non-supervisory and production workers.

The smaller Household Survey simultaneously conducted by the Labor Department showed the labor force shrinking as more than 600,000 Americans dropped out of it, lowering the labor force participation rate by 0.2%, and therefore giving an extremely low “headline” unemployment rate of 3.6%. The “real” unemployment rate—including marginal and discouraged workers and those forced to work part-time—was 7.3%, unchanged. When one considers the 3.5 million work-eligible Americans who have not looked for a job for more than a year, the rate could be 9.2%, or more than 15 million people.


Scientists Use Improved Detectors To Find Five New Gravitational Wave Candidates

May 3 (EIRNS)—In just one month of observing, the improvements in detectors on the LIGO and Virgo instruments have led to the detection of five new gravitational wave candidates, researchers announced at a news conference May 2. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), made up of detectors in the states of Washington and Louisiana, combined with the Virgo detector in Italy, found five potential cosmic collisions, including one that may be a black hole merging with a neutron star.

The instruments can measure tiny variations in the speed at which lasers travel along an L-shaped structure, indicating minuscule distortions in space-time, sensing the result of massive collisions. Having three geographically separated detectors allows the scientists to triangulate the sources of the events.


Former NSA Technical Director Binney Must Testify in Congress To Expose Big Lie that Russia Hacked DNC Emails

May 3 (EIRNS)— The following statement, under the title “Former NSA Technical Director William Binney Must Testify Before Congress To Expose the Big Lie that Russia Hacked the DNC Emails,” was written for national circulation by William F. Wertz, Jr.:

On Oct. 24, 2017, at the request of President Donald Trump, then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo met for one hour at CIA headquarters with former NSA Technical Director William Binney, who had co-authored an analysis published by the VIPS (Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity), which challenged the official British intelligence-promoted assessment that Russia was behind the theft of data from DNC computers. That so-called official Intelligence Community Assessment was made by the same Obama-era intelligence officials now exposed for having falsely accused President Trump of collusion with Russia, and for having used that allegation, now proven false, in an attempt to overthrow the President of the United States of America.

This Big Lie, thanks in large part to Mike Pompeo, nevertheless continues to stand in the way of President Trump’s acting on his expressed intention to establish good relations with Russia, and by extension with China, and continues to contribute to a threat to world peace, including through the promotion of the same regime-change policies against which President Trump campaigned for office.

In the meeting, which was also attended by two other CIA officials, CIA Director Pompeo said, according to Binney, that President Trump had told him that if he “want[ed] to know the facts, he should talk to me.” Binney reports that at the end of the meeting, Pompeo asked whether he would be willing to meet with NSA and FBI officials to discuss his analysis. Binney readily agreed, and Pompeo said he would contact him when he had scheduled the meetings.

Yet soon after the meeting, the CIA issued a statement from spokesman Dean Boyd, which said, “The Director stands by and has always stood by the January 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment entitled, ‘Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent U.S. Elections,’ ” an assessment organized by John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper to deflect attention away from the activities of British intelligence in the 2016 elections, and to prevent President Trump from establishing a good relationship with Russia by falsely claiming Russian interference in the U.S. elections.

No meetings were ever scheduled with the FBI or the NSA. William Binney was never interviewed by Robert Mueller. He has not been asked to testify before relevant committees in the House of Representatives or the Senate. Even Fox News, which interviewed Binney at least 10 times since September 2016, has inexplicably not seen fit to re-interview him on this matter.

As President Trump has repeatedly pointed out, the DNC servers were never examined by the FBI or by Mueller. Therefore, the “official” assessment of lying, leaking James Comey, of drone-assassin and Senate Intelligence Committee-spying John Brennan, and of lying mass-surveiller James Clapper, which is repeated in the Mueller report, was devoid of any forensic evidence. Relevant witnesses were never interviewed. The crime scene was never cordoned off.

And most important, Mike Pompeo, who was requested by the President of the United States to listen to Bill Binney, refused to take the steps necessary to blow this entire Big Lie out of the water.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo must explain to the American people, and most importantly to President Trump, why he capitulated to the politically motivated, forensics-free assessment of Russian interference in the U.S. elections provided by the British intelligence tools, lying John Brennan, James Comey and James Clapper, rather than seek the truth from William Binney, as President Trump had asked him to do.

Why did Pompeo not set up the promised follow-up meetings for Bill Binney with the NSA and FBI?

Why did he accept the assessment of those who have worked for British intelligence in an attempt to carry out a coup d’état against the duly elected President of the United States?

Remember, if it were not for this lie, then Michael Flynn, an opponent of President Obama’s British-inspired regime-change policies, and not regime-change advocate John Bolton, would now be President Trump’s National Security Advisor.

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