British Politician, Nigel Farage, Blows the Whistle on the New World Order!

Nigel Farage joins the dots on the New World Order – and gets hammered!


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By John Brindley – Staff Author

‘WHEN the late – and not missed – former American President George Bush senior spoke of a ‘New World Order’ he was labelled a visionary leader when Nigel Farage mentions it he is ostracised as ‘Fascist’, ‘Islamophobic’ and ‘antisemitic’. 

It’s that kind of world, folks. Or rather two worlds – one for those who tick box the system and receive the plaudits, another for those who question and criticise it and are either lampooned or censored. 

Farage is a great target for the illiberal Liberals and unprogressive progressives to launch attacks on right now. 

As leader of the newly-launched Brexit Party, he promises to wipe smiles off Remain faces by delivering a pro-democracy message at the forthcoming European elections – the ones we shouldn’t have to fight if democracy had prevailed in the first place. 

So in The Guardian today (May 6), he is being savaged for fleshing out what prominent globalists themselves have been saying in recent years. 

Bush and his pathetic son mentioned it, Henry Kissinger has certainly done so, so did former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. 

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The concept of a ‘New World Order’ has increasingly become the non-secret secret of the globalists in recent years, it’s just that ordinary people have been unable to join the dots and work out what it all means.

The Guardian reports today that in a series of interviews with Alex Jones, Farage has spoken of the following: 

  • Members of the annual Bilderberg gathering of political and business leaders are plotting a global government.
  • The banking and political systems are working “hand in glove” in an attempt to disband nation states.
  • “Globalists” are trying to engineer a world war as a means to introduce a worldwide government.
  • Climate change is a “scam” intended to push forward this transnational government.

Then in the latest interview, in April 2018, Farage said the EU is “the prototype for the new world order”, and “globalists have wanted to have some form of conflict with Russia as an argument for us all to surrender our national sovereignty and give it up to a higher global level”. 

The ridiculous charges thrust against him by the clueless newspaper are that he shouldn’t be speaking to someone as crazy as Alex Jones and that by speaking of a ‘New World Order’ he is endorsing ‘conspiracy theories’ that commonly have antisemitic undertones. 

But nothing, not a single word, challenging Farage’s narrative with facts. 

Perhaps because there are none? Or none that stand up to close examination. 

Instead of being lambasted, Farage should be congratulated for nailing the real reason many of us want out of the European Union. 

It’s not because we might be £5 a week better off only paying our dues to Westminister. Not because we don’t want to see people from other countries living and working in Britain. 

But because of what the European Union represents and where it is heading. 

Farage is doing a good job of joining up the dots. He calls out Bilderberg as being a key player in world leaders forming an agenda in secret. He realises that, through being party to the Lisbon Treaty, we are in imminent danger of losing 100 per cent of our sovereignty. He sees that the climate change hoax is central to silencing the people whilst the elite destroys our liberties. 

But there was more, much more content in Farage’s latest interview with Jones that didn’t tickle The Guardian’s fancy. 

He pointed out that the United Kingdom shouldn’t further intervene in Syria – and has now been proven right as events have unfolded over the last 12 months – and that our previous invasions of Iraq and Libya, in particular, have had disastrous consequences. 

He also adds that, despite the fierce fightback by the deep state in thwarting Brexit, the people  – that’s us – are winning. 

The more the mainstream seeks to silence those who take an alternative view, the more they are revealing their level of desperation. 

The people – ‘Middle England’ in Farage’s words – are beginning to see through the propaganda and lies we have been drip fed all our lives and have no faith either in the politicians or the traditional media. 

For all those Guardian readers who will smirk at another battering for Farage and Brexit, there will be individuals who turn on their computers and research the ‘New World Order’ and uncover for themselves a more realistic view of what is going on. 

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