The Zionist Revolution in Egypt Installing Zionist Puppet Al Sisi

Lest We Forget– ‘The Removal of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi–Not a ‘People’s Revolution’ as much as a Zionist one’by TUT Editored note–reposted in light of the pieceappearing yesterday featuring a certain Brig General Aryeh Eldad describing the manner by which the installation of Al Sisi as military dictator of Egypt was an Israeli operation. The reasons this particular development is important are several–1. It underscores what was said here from the beginning concerning the entire ‘Arab Spring’ affair, where hordes of emotionally-driven ‘truthers’ were out in force, loud and proud/large and in charge and allowing themselves to get ‘caught up’ in the rapturous spirit of the moment by claiming that this signaled ‘the end’ of Israel and of Zionism. It was/is the position of this website that the more likely explanation of this event was that it was indeed a Zionist operation aimed at removing one dictator and replacing him with his near-identical twin.And yes, just like it was with the ‘no one died at Sandy Hook’ and now with the ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ brigades, injecting even as much as a micro-ounce of common sense and/or nuanced perspective resulted in a tidal wave of screeching and theatrics that anyone–us included–who did not buy into the theatrics and Jrama of the ‘Arab Spring’ was a ‘traitor’ to the cause.Now, as much as this may appear to be a case of ‘we told ya so’, it isn’t. Rather it is a case of ‘how they do it’.In this case, our unesteemed Hebraic general Aryeh Eldad does engage in some truth-telling by admitting to what was obvious from the beginning of the affair–Israel’s hand in the removal of Mubarak. Where the typical Judaic sleight of hand and the ‘by way of deception’ protocol comes into operation was in the following from the piece–‘The outbreak of the January revolution coincided with the Israeli security assessment that President-elect Mohamed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood man, intended to cancel the peace agreement with Israel and send more Egyptian military forces to the Sinai Peninsula.’Israel wasn’t/isn’t/never will be worried about the Camp David Peace Accord falling apart. Terrorist-turned-Prime Minister Menachem Begin was forced to come to the peace table against his will by then-President James Earl Carter who paid dearly for doing so by losing his 1980 re-election bid.Nor was Israel worried about Morsi’s connection with the Muslim Brotherhood. As demonstrated in several previous wars, Israel is more than equipped to deal with any military issues where Egypt is involved and in fact welcomes it as it paves the way for re-taking the Sinai which Israel was forced to give up in Carter’s 1979 ‘Ultimate Pece Deal’.No, what worried Israel (and DC) at the time was that Morsi had obviously charted an independent course for Egypt, was warming to Iran and to Russia and was looking to ‘better deal’ the situation for Egypt that would have inevitably resulted in the US (and by default Israel) losing control of the largest Arab nation in the MENA that could have/would have resulted in the same situation taking place in other locales such as KSA, Jordan, Turkey, etc, etc, etc.The real lesson to be learned from all of this though–aside from studying and understanding the manner by which ‘they do it’– resides in studying and understanding the manner by which ‘we do it’–meaning less-than-critical-thinking Gentiles who allow ourselves to be type-cast and directed as characters in scripts written and produced by political Spielbergs who utilize our own emotions to the detriment of our own well-being and to the advancement of theirs. continue reading

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