The War Against Christians (Run By the Synagogue of Satan)


This Easter Sunday, it’s time to tell the truth about the global war on Christianity (and the rise of Satanism)

Another urgent article from Mike Adams at Natural News. Our planet is in crisis, no matter where you reside. We are all affected and must work together to stop the carnage. 

It’s not exaggerated, and it didn’t happen by accident. It was intentional, and part of a long range plan. By turning away and refusing to see and deal with the reality it has allowed the agenda to advance to epic proportions. It must be dealt with now, once and for all. 

If you listened to the appeal from Douglas Ducote Sr. to admit there is a crisis at the southern border of America, you heard his statement that mixed in with a few families who say they want a better life, are radical extremists from across the pond. They are setting up camps to train others to rape and murder innocents. You also heard what they did to babies in a church. It’s almost beyond belief. It’s demonic.

None of this “just happened” or evolved, folks. We are battling demons most Humans never imagined existed. We have to face this foe and fight it, or perish. It’s that serious, and time to wise up in the West. The ugliness has to come into the Light and be exposed for us to eradicate it.  ~ BP

This Easter Sunday, it’s time to tell the truth about the global war on Christianity (and the rise of Satanism)

April 21, 2019

Natural News) In case you haven’t heard, Christian churches are being bombed all over the world today by radical Islamic terrorists. In Sri Lanka alone, there are 207 Christians reported dead so far and 450+ injured in just one day. This is just days after the burning down of Notre Dame in France, a fire that the media has gone to desperate lengths to report was not set on purpose by Islamic terrorists. (They are now blaming a computer glitch, if you can believe that.)

Across the Middle East, in places like Syria, Christians are being persecuted by the hundreds of thousands. They are killed, tortured and run out of their own homes and countries. Even in places like the Philippines, Islamic terrorists have seized entire islands and targeted Christians for slaughter. As stated by The Gatestone Institute International Policy Council:

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My Comment: The war against Christians in Syria and Middle East was run by Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama through their proxy agents the terrorists whom Clinton admits are “our guys…we trained them.” The Wahhabi Satanic Sect was created by the Zionist British Empire. Check the facts. This is all true. Wahhabi are not normal Muslims. They are a Satanic Creation of the Satanic Zionist British Empire.

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