About Cabal Member Tucker Carlson

May be an image of ‎1 person and ‎text that says '‎His father worked for the CIA and ran PBS under the Regan administration. Connect the dots. FOX FOX=666 666 Sign of a Mark Master Mason Red String Kabbalah D178 RedString ชาทิ בדלת aa Nordeast Mafia 型型力 E‎'‎‎

Ian Orwell

He also was very vocal in being a mouthpiece for the Establishment about 9/11.

Comment:  He also was a mouthpiece for the Deep State Establishment in 2020 when Trump Was Cheated out of the Elections by Corruption & Fraud and Tucker stated Trump LOST the Election for the Establishment again.  If he didn’t follow the script of what his Jewish owners wanted he would not have been earning MILLIONS and woulda been fired a long time ago.

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