The Enemies Within; Covert Agents of the British Empire & Monarchy

APRIL 4, 2019

Covert Infiltration of the Truther Community: Who Do You Trust?

Last week we learned that one of our most valiant pedophile crusaders, Kevin Annett, had been threatened by so-called former CIA spy Robert David Steele. Kevin has been exposing pedophilia globally for many years and is spokesman for the ITCCS—International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

Also involved in the ITNJ is Sacha Stone. Both men are involved with the ITNJ—the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. They encourage victims of pedophilia to come forward and tell their stories.

They were not interested in working together with Kevin Annett and his team, however. Why is that?

Steele and Stone. What a team. They sent communications to Annett, calling him insane, etc. and said if he didn’t stop, they would “remove him from the public sphere”. Attempts to find the ITCCS website maintained by Annett is difficult now that Google has stepped up the censorship but you can learn more here.

Since then I’ve revisited some information I came upon in the fall of 2017 suggesting that Robert David Steele—if that is indeed his name—is fond of collecting money from the People and threatening those fighting for Humanity with bogus law suits. He likes to name and shame people who have done nothing wrong.

The above are always accompanied by rude, crude name-calling and remarks intended to intimidate, and attacks always include lies about his target. They specialize in character assassination.

Some folks won’t stand for it and expose what they know about Robert David Steele.

If you visit his website, ( (Greek for FBI) you will see his affiliation with the ITNJ, various other claims, including that he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. After some videos from Crowdsource the Truth I learned that nominees for the Nobel are not announced for fifty years. Only winners.

Another claim RDS made was on Amazon where he is flogging one of his books. He says he co-wrote the majority (85%) of the NATO Handbook.

Interestingly enough when a team member at Crowdsource the Truth contacted an Army General she knows, he looked into it and reported back that no one by the name Robert David Steele was a member of the team that wrote that tome. That is according to Gen. William F. Kernan.

It sounds hard to believe but the day after Crowdsource the Truth had RDS on their show as a guest and raised between $10K – $15K for his fundraiser, he rudely notified them that their interview scheduled for the next day was cancelled over a grossly exaggerated and misconstrued event involving journalist George Webb and a possible threat to national security. You can listen to the video if you wish to know the details.

Long story short, some of the Crowdsource listeners regretted donating to the RDS funding drive and wanted refunds.

Robert Steele said the funds were to enable them to file an ‘Election Reform Act’. So far, 18 months later, no bill has been filed, no sponsors have been recorded, and it has not been submitted to Congress. So where did the money go? And where is the bill?

RDS also stated a few months ago that his website had been brutally hacked and he had to spend thousands of dollars to migrate to a more robust system and had exhausted all his own funds and needed more.

When I checked with my webmaster he said he didn’t understand why all that money was required as it’s easy to do the job with much less.

Crowdsource the Truth also investigated the lawsuit RDS claimed he was going to file against them. The lawyer named on the suit, Biss, would not admit he was involved with the preparation of the documents. They learned he had already once had his license suspended for a year by the bar and suspected he maybe couldn’t risk being involved in any more nefarious activities.

The company RDS keeps is questionable, and while he broadcast on his website that he filed a lawsuit against Crowdsource, it was never filed and Crowdsource was never served. It was all bluster and intimidation.

As the case with correspondence between RDS and Kevin Annett, Dr. Katherine Horton, and the Crowdsource team, it was sloppy, padded with extraneous fluff, threatening, full of disinformation and fraudulent statements. Hardly the work of a professional.

RDS also revealed the home address of Crowdsource anchor Jason Goodman (doxed him) on the Phi Beta Iota website. Jason did a little homework on the RDS charitable 501(c)(3) and got an address.

When he plugged it into Google Earth, he got a lovely estate in the woods in Virginia. You can see it at the 41 min. mark in the video below. Whoever owns it isn’t hurting for money. A real estate check reveals that the homes in that area sell for $700K and up well over a million.

RDS volunteers to travel to other countries to do interviews about what is going on in the world but all his food, travel and accommodations, etc. have to be covered for him. Nice gig if you can get it.

We can tell a lot about people from the company they keep. RDS has friends. Sacha Stone, as mentioned above, and Gordon Duff, of Veterans Today; as well as a Frank Bacon, who left a despicable phone message for Jason Goodman, and he is also teamed up with Cynthia McKinney in the #UNRIG project.

Steele recently said he would support Gordon Duff in a bid for Secretary of Defense, I believe it was.

I thought it interesting to note that RDS made a trip to Japan recently to meet up with journalist Benjamin Fulford. Shortly thereafter Fulford’s weekly geopolitical updates seemed to change dramatically. He went from reasonably pro-Trump to blatantly anti-Trump overnight—if it is indeed Fulford writing it. I have my doubts. It seems like they stole Fulford’s subscription base to put out propaganda and hate messages against Trump, his family, and cabinet.

This past week Sacha Stone did an interview on Simon Parkes’ Connecting Consciousness Show and it seems as though the Crowdsource team’s feeling is correct: that RDS has a long term plan to discredit the truth community; to co-opt the Truth Movement.

No one wanted to believe that Cynthia McKinney would go down the wrong path, but she points people to the #UNRIG Indiegogo donation page and I’ve heard her connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and Soros funding.

She ignored all requests to contact the Crowdsource Team to speak about the plan and her involvement in it.

Another very interesting tidbit I picked up in the video below is that Robert David Steele is also associated with—are you ready? Defango. Manuel (Manny) Chavez.

That might mean nothing to you unless you researched QAnon. There was a concerted effort to lay tracks suggesting that Defango and a secretive group he had been invited to join as their online presence were the true originators of QAnon and the “puzzles”. They painted themselves as brainiacs of the Mensa calibre.

That whole thing was very dramatic and convoluted, but once you see the action taking place as a result of the intelligence provided by the real QAnon, you could never believe those clowns were involved. The behavior and ethics are worlds apart.

At the end of the day, the kind of operations Robert David Steele is involved in—if that is even his name—are unscrupulous, unethical, clandestine, illegal, salacious, and most other negative words you can add to the list. Transparency is not one of them.

He makes himself out to be some kind of high value intelligence asset here to assist the alternative news/truther community and Humanity when all he is doing is undermining it.

Watch the video to hear all the evidence. It is overwhelming.  ~ BP

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