Refusing Vaccinations Could Soon Land You in Prison! Chronic Wasting Disease Will Spread to Humans

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 Refusing This ‘Medicine’ Could Soon Land You in Prison It’s already happening in New York, where residents were given just 48 hours to get it or face six months in jail. Could they soon enforce this all over the country, including your town or city? Read More >> 
 Has Chronic Wasting Spread to Humans? Chronic wasting disease continues to spread among deer, elk, reindeer and moose, raising concerns that – like mad cow disease – it could spread to humans who eat infected meat. At least one expert believes it’s not a matter of if humans will contract CWD from eating contaminated meat, but when. Read More >> 
 You Are a Guinea Pig – Undisclosed GMO Soybean Oil Released Gene-edited soybean oil is already on the market and being served in dressings and sauces, as well as used for frying. Because it contains two inactivated genes, rather than having foreign genes inserted, it’s being marketed as non-GMO, even though it’s clearly genetically engineered. Read More >> 

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