Comedian Flashing Double Devil’s Horns Wins Ukrainian Election

Comedian wins landslide victory in Ukrainian Presidential election

  ANDREW CHEETHAM11 hours ago

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The hands say it all!

‘Volodymyr Zelenskiy, an actor and comedian with no political experience other than playing the role of president in a TV series, was heading for a landslide victory in Ukraine’s presidential election, as early results showed him on course to win nearly three-quarters of the vote. 

The incumbent, Petro Poroshenko conceded defeat on Sunday evening before results started coming in, as exit polls suggested an overwhelming victory for the 41-year-old Zelenskiy. 

“I’m leaving office, but I want to make it clear that I’m not leaving politics,” said Poroshenko, acknowledging his failure to win a second term. “I will accept the will of the Ukrainian people,” he wrote on Twitter. 

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Zelenskiy appeared in front of a crowd of journalists at his campaign headquarters as the polls closed and flashed an impish grin as he pushed his way on to the stage, accompanied by the theme tune to his television show. 

“We did it together,” he said, thanking his wife, parents and campaign team. “Thanks to all the Ukrainian citizens who voted for me, and to all who didn’t. I promise I won’t mess up.” 

With about 30% of the ballots counted at 2am local time, Zelenskiy was leading by 73% to 24%. An earlier official exit poll gave him 73.2% of the vote against Poroshenko’s 25.3%. The humiliating scale of the defeat for Poroshenko matched a series of polls over past weeks that have suggested Zelenskiy would win the runoff with ease. 

The Zelenskiy camp said he had taken phone calls of congratulation from US president Donald Trump and French president Emmanuel Macron, among others.’ 

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