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The discussion around Trump’s role, while speaking through the real and grounded conversation of 5G rollout, was a powerful way to better understand not only our reality right now but also ask the BIG questions that keep us expanding our minds and experience, instead of falling into complacency around what we accept as reality.

I continue to hear murmurs of doubt, worry and questioning when it comes to Trump, and I see this as a positive sign. 

To sum up the discussions from earlier this week, we must begin to realize: Sure, Trump and ‘The Alliance’ may be challenging aspects of an old guard, this appears evident, but are they creating the world you want to see? Do they represent the best interest of humanity? Or just a slightly different direction compared to the old guard?

Remember, this is our world to create, the only limits put on what’s possible is that which we agree to. What do you want your world to look like? Where did those ideas come from? Are you limiting them?
Ep. 6 – WikiLeaks Document Discusses Base On Moon
The profound nature of a WikiLeaks document Arjun wrote about earlier this week inspired a deeper discussion behind strange anomalies on the moon.

When we first dropped the article, people seemed to have this profound realization that something MORE is happening on the moon than we have been told, and that seems clear as day.

As the first segment on Thursday episode of The Collective Evolution Show, we discussed this document in deep detail, and explored the implications of it for humanity and our consciousness. Once again, this subject leaves no aspect of our world and society untouched, and this is the BIG truth we must begin to discuss.

So aside from the fascinating nature of this content, if you’re wondering WHY it’s important to talk about this stuff, this podcast episode is certainly for you.

Listen To Podcast Episode     or     Watch Full 3-Hour Broadcast on CETV
Merck’s Julie Gerberding Wins Industry ‘Woman Of The Year’ Award For Putting Profits Ahead Of Human Health
This one is our top story right now as it very clearly illustrates how public perception is shaped by bad government science and conflicts of interest at regulatory levels.

Julie Gerberding went from director of the CDC where granted Merck a monopoly on childhood vaccines, and then left and was hired by Merck as the president of their vaccine division. She was also given over $5 million in stocks from Merck upon her hiring.

In this article, and our in-depth discussion of the revolving door between government and corporations on CETV, we explore important truths that help us understand how public perception is shaped around much of the stuff we blindly accept. 

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Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank As “Unconventional” Weapons

A WikiLeaks document often described as the military’s “regime change handbook.” This document helps show how banking systems can be weaponized to achieve wholesale takeovers of countries. Another eye opener for the population to understand how our world works. 

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Legal Challenge Against Forced Vaccination Filed in New York City

Does it seem right that governments can force you to get vaccinations? We don’t feel so, and it seems neither do most others. Motions have recently been put in place to stop New York from being able to force vaccination on people during the Measles outbreak.

Don’t forget you can watch our full coverage of the New York City vaccine story on CETV.

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Investigation Shows The MMR Vaccine Was Approved Based On Small Studies Showing Disturbing Results

How exactly did the MMR vaccine get approved back in the 70’s? A FOIA request returned some incredibly interesting science that shows it was just 800+ kids that were involved in testing the MMR vaccine, and in that many showed disturbing side effects.

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