Are the Trans-Atlantic Nations Capable of Ending the Decay & Launching a New Paradigm?

Are the Trans-Atlantic Nations Capable, Culturally, of Ending the Decay and Launching a New Paradigm?Posted on April 16, 2019The above question is not merely a matter of speculation, or of personal opinion, but an existential challenge within the context of universal history. Never in the modern era has the human race been closer to breaking the power of Empire — from the Roman Empire, to the Byzantine, to the Venetian, and to the Anglo-Dutch Empire infecting the world still today. The U.S. President has demonstrated the courage to reject the “special relationship” with the British, and to declare the urgency and the necessity of building friendships with China, Russia, and other great cultures of the world, to end the vile regime-change wars of conquest and destruction, and restore the historic dedication of the nation to scientific and technological advancement of the productive forces, both on Earth and in Space.READ MORE

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