TOP STORYWatch as the Mueller report is released and Rachel Maddow can’t help but start crying.No Russian Collusion!The Mueller Report is in, and it is now universally official according to an investigation that spanned almost 2 years, spent tens of millions of dollars, and had an immense staff with virtually unlimited resources at their disposal…
Something this media organization has been saying since the first time such an allegation was made now well over 2 years ago. So this whole fiasco is over right? Far from it.

Let’s begin with what we know according to the 4-page summary by A.G Barr that has been made available to the public. One of the glaring lies and deceptions presented is that Russia did, in fact, hack the DNC servers and provide Wikileaks the material that was leaked. Anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention knows this is false. The second thing to note is that Mueller did not just focus on collusion in his report instead he broke it into two sections one of which suggested the possibility of “obstruction of justice”.
 All of this is happening while the media seems to be completely ignoring the very real dangers of Trump’s actions regarding Israel. As ISIS has yet again officially been defeated in Syria, President Trump has declared that it is time “we all” recognize that the
Golan Heights region belongs to Israel.
This is extremely dangerous for a number of reasons, the first being the alliance between Syria and Russia, but also because this also has to do with a large and blatantly corrupt oil deal with Genie Energy that has spanned some time. No other nation in history has recognized this which will further alienate the United States from the rest of the world.

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