Tragedy of Moses Connection to Christ

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The Tragedy of the Moses connection to Christ.

Staś3rd TempleBibleIsrealJewishMosesPalistineUncategorized  March 28, 2019 14 MinutesConnecting and equating the warlord Moses with Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace–Mankind’s Apocalyptic nightmare.Moses is the savior of the Jews while Jesus Christ is the savior of the Gentiles.

By Staś

The ugly truth must be said–Moses was a murderer and Jesus was a healer.  One man is the savior of the Jews and the other is the savior of the Gentiles.And yet this is never heard. The conventional ‘wisdom’ in the Gentile mind is that Moses is just as good as Jesus. Kind, gentle and without a mean bone in his body.However more recently actor Christian Bale said: Moses was ‘barbaric and ‘schizophrenic’“He was a very troubled, tumultuous man and mercurial. But the biggest surprise was the nature of God. He was equally very mercurial.”In a word–Amen. Moses is the deliverer of Israel and Israel ONLY. Everyone else is a servant or an enemy of Israel.  The God of Israel promises to lead his people to the promised land. They are instructed to do battle and to obey their god in his 613 laws for living.  It is not metaphorical to them but rather the real deal.Any murder or violence committed by Moses is washed away clean. Everyone thinks it is wonderful that Moses killed people. It’s “religious,” they say.Contradictions, absurdities and countless stories of lunacy and murder fill the OT, otherwise known as the Torah. Yet, it is beloved by many less-than-critical-thinking Gentiles.The people being slaughtered in the OT are Gentiles.  Yet, the whole of the Gentile world embraces Moses as a father figure and kindly old wise man with a staff and a beard and a speech impediment.Moses is relived in the minds of Jews and their Gentile lackeys as Merlin the Wizard and Captain Von Trapp in the 1965 movie ‘The Sound of Music” and even Superman.The Jewish heroes become Gentile heroes. But the Gentile heroes are hated by the Jews.  THE END!How many people did Moses kill?  How many people did Jesus kill? Google how many people Moses killed and after sifting through a lot of cover stories and praise for Moses you will find that he killed a lot of people.Moses is traditionally credited with writing the Torah and with leading the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea.All the violence committed by Moses under the direction of his war god Yahweh is seen as a “gift”.Under the awesome power of the JMSM, the Neo-Conservatives and neo-liberals, one way or another, wind up doing the bidding of Moses. Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Amy Klobuchar all met with delegations of AIPAC activists from their home states in Washington today. Mike Pence spoke there recently as well.  Left or Right they all bow before the Sons of Abraham.Their power is so great that it is only checked when the Gentiles have no choice but to sometimes say ‘no’.  (i.e. Trump’s ‘checking’ Jewish power in Syria or WWIII)Millions of Evangelicals like our current VP Mike Pence are deeply devoted to a  warrior ‘Moses/Jesus.’One look at Pence’s face when he talks about Israel you know he means business. Pence is a modern-day Zealot.Because of those rules of war written into the Torah by Moses America (the new Israel) has been used in attacking millions of innocent people. The world is now dealing with the backlash from it. If anything goes wrong Israel has the finest nuke attack subs built by Germany.Moses is beloved by the Protestants and the Pilgrims who fled England.  But he is most beloved by the Jewish people. Again, they love Moses and they hate Jesus, something that should register powerfully by Israel-loving Christian evangelicals but which does not.The Protestant Jesus is simply not the Jesus in The Oberammergau Passion Play.  The Protestant Christ has always been tied deeply to the OT Moses.And not just floating-in-the-clouds Protestants, but as well modern-day Catholics also who hide from any critical and rational understanding of the OT. Traditional Catholics and the Orthodox Christians are fervent defenders of the OT.No one in the Christian Gentile world runs from Moses, despite the fact that both he and his modern-day cult followers want to kill them.There is no condemnation of the murderous acts of the warrior wizard Moses of the OT and for any rational thinking person to do so equates int eh charges of ‘blasphemy’, just as oud from the Christian neighborhood as from the Jewish one.Thus, the Gentiles will never be free of Israel, Zion, the OT, and all the bood, guts, and glory that goes with it.The Israelis, Jews, Zionists–whatever you want to call them–have no illusions about Moses and the OT. They will rule the Gentiles or kill them just like the book says.Game over fools.Modern-day Jews ignore or don’t like to talk about some of the supernatural feats attributed to Moses and now many histories question if the “Exodus ” happened at all. But they all embrace the results of this story-telling–power, conquest, and tribal narcissism.Did a man speak to a burning bush?  Did he part the Red Sea and then drown the “bad” Egyptian soldiers?If this violent and bizarre story is true why connect it to spirituality? What is “good” about a story of mass murder?It is a war tale, nothing else.What is most interesting is the blind spot when it comes to the violence and the killing attributed to this ‘early Christ’, Moses. Millions explain it away. Some turn away from religion completely. Either way, the devotion to Moses by the Gentiles is a fatal flaw.The simple answer is that they like it because they have a personal fetish about the idea of being ‘chosen’ by God. This has been done for centuries. Great Britain or Albion fantasized being a New Jerusalem.  Like America, GB dreamed of being a “city on the hill.”In the early days of The United States of America  Future governor John Winthrop said: “We shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us.”To some degree, it is true that it can make some unnatural and irrational connection to Christ, but make no mistake about the fact that it is more connected to Moses and the flock of the ‘chosen’. This kind of thinking has led the Gentiles down the path of messianic thinking.The Puritan morality has vanished, but the warrior aspect of the Israel loving Christian faith remains.Literally a ‘Moses’ Jesus.There is too much to talk about, too many profits to be made and too much love for the Israelites and their Moses.The forbidden question must be asked–Do many Gentiles secretly prefer the character of Moses over the mostly peaceful Jesus?  Do they long to be a handsome King David fighting Philistine giants?Pastors shout that the scripture says if you love Jesus and follow the Scriptures YOU are the seed of Abraham. Because the scripture says so. Do you really want to be the seed of a man who prostituted his wife out to the king of Egypt? YES! because to do otherwise means you wind up banished and locked out of the story of the “good book”.The seductive stories of the Jewish people rule the minds of the Gentiles.  The Red Sea drowning the Egyptians and the Magic of the Atomic bomb wasted the Japanese. The British and the Americans as the ‘New Sons of David’, the new Israelites and the new followers of Moses. They love the story of the Egyptians destruction by the closing of the Red Sea story as much as they love the Japanese destruction by the detonating of the A-bomb. It seems counter-intuitive but the passive gentiles love to look at 911. They love the falling twin towers. They FEAR it but they LOVE it.The fact that the Gentile world combines the story of Moses to that of Jesus hides the reality of who and what the Hebrews were and are and the dark nature of their warrior god.The Church teaches that the laws of the OT have been canceled and there is a kinder New Covenant with the coming of Christ.This is not a full separation of the OT narrative and the NT narrative.It is a fatal flaw.In a relatively recent book by Michael A Hoffman II, The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome Hoffman calls out the  Neoplatonic-Hermetic-Kabbalist conspiracy inside the Church. But as a Traditional Catholic, he passionately defends the “Moses of the Pentateuch”  as opposed to the “Talmudic Moses.”An excellent book and a much-needed study of the occult infiltration of the church. But why the blind eye to the endless stories of murder done by Moses and the OT god Yahweh?It can’t be explained away.Why must the Gentiles always be connected to the Jews? The Gentiles sometimes complain about the incredible power of Jews. Though their complaints often seem aimless. Gentiles will say vulgar things about Jews.  Yet when it comes to the Bible the Gentiles either don’t pay much attention to it or they obsess over it.The Gentiles see themselves in the desert following a Charlton Heston Moses or a crude drawing of a bearded man with a staff.The Old Testament is filled with stories of bewilderment. God shows his enemies his “wonders”. The Gentiles cannot get enough of it. It is like George W. Bush’s  ‘Shock and Awe’ plan of mass murder inflicted against the people of Iraq.The OT god–through the person of his warrior wizard sidekick–destroy and dazzle the Egyptian people with his “wonders.” (Do you really want to worship a creator who needs to show off his wonders?)‘I will smite Egypt with all my wonders. I will harden Pharaoh’s heart, and multiply my signs and my wonders in the land of Egypt. Go in unto Pharaoh: for I have hardened his heart, and the heart of his servants, that I might shew these my signs before him. The LORD said unto Moses, Pharaoh shall not hearken unto you; that my wonders may be multiplied in the land of Egypt.’We the Gentiles complain about Jewish power but the complaints make no sense. Could part of the reason why the Gentile worldview is so incoherent and disjointed is that have been under covert attack by Judaic mind-warlord for thousands of years? And more importantly, they have become bi-polar by following a Jewish Savior and father figure Moses (a killer, warrior, and a wizard) and then following his opposite–Jesus, a healer, and a peacemaker.How many passages of the Bible feature Moses killing people for god? The Gentiles must remove Moses from their worship and irrational adoration.What is it that binds the Jews to the Gentiles forever? It is the Bible. The Bible is seen as the ultimate book of salvation for everyone in the world. Not just the Jews but the Gentiles as well.This is one of the greatest flaws of what remains of Western Civilization and one of its greatest tragedies.The OT binds the Gentiles to the Jews. The Gentile cannot break free. Half of America is still Christian and sees the Jews as God’s children. Thus they are of central importance.They are the only characters of the OT which was written both by for only them–the Hebrews, Israelites, Jews, whatever one wishes to call them.The Christian world has bound itself to the OT. All Christian churches of whatever denomination pay heed to the OT one way or another. They also glorify the warrior wizard Moses.Many people become trapped in Christian cults or by conmen who seek to control the minds of the Gentiles and steal their wealth. The wealthiest pastors are “Super Pastors”  Joel Osteen is a motivational speaker and pushes “prosperity theology”.Prosperity theology is basically Jewish ambition and desire for wealth wrapped in Christian verbiage.Not coincidentally, in an interview in 2011 Osteen stated his support for Israel. Osteen–like Christian ZIonist super pastor John  Hagee is very open in his purposes of raising money for Israel to go and murder Palestinians.The essence of Hagee is that he threatens people with the Old Testament God and with all the drama surrounding Israel.  Some people can’t get enough of it.A critical examination of what Hagee & others like him espouse however reveals that it is more like making a deal with the Devil who then rewards his followers with wealth and power.The tall tales in the bible captivate the uneducated with fantastic stories of glory. The main figure of OT is Moses. And again, this cannot be over-emphasized–Moses is a murderer and a killer of man.With conmen like Osteen and Hagee and a Roman Catholic church in deep decline, many educated gentiles turn to atheism, science, or secular humanism for inspiration.Both men have a Moses-like relationship with their flock.  Hagee wants his followers to be excited with him about the death of Israel’s enemies and as such becomes something an archetypal Moses.“If you think you are going to punish Israel, we are going to punish you,” he said. “Victory is going to be ours.”The framework of the OT itself has left a remarkable imprint on the western world.  The non-Jews, the Gentiles, see the OT figure of Moses as a father figure, and thus why the Moses to Jesus connection is a tragedy of apocalyptic proportions.It is claimed that there is a lot of evidence in the OT that the Jewish book professes the coming of Jesus.This needs to be evaluated more closely.In particular for instance, John 5:39 Jesus speaks about the scriptures.  So many say he is endorsing the scriptures 100 percent. But even this verse contains within it a message to focus on Him and Him alone–.’You pore over the Scriptures because you think you have eternal life in them, and yet they testify about me.’One could say that Jesus is making reference to the Scriptures of the Jews but what he is really saying is that the scriptures are about Him and Him alone.Jesus broke the laws of the OT. He let others come into the kingdom of heaven.Moses is a figure that only saves the chosen people.Lovers of the OT are just as excited about the prophets of the OT predicting death and destruction, and yet what did Jesus say about the prophets?‘All who came before Me were thieves and robbers, but my sheep did not listen to them.’–John 10:8Jesus does not constantly refer to Moses.  Let’s be clear on this–to the Jews, Moses is “the greatest of its sons” and the Jews just as importantly, the Jews hate Jesus, as much today as they did in 33 A.D, if not more. The Jews don’t run to Jesus. They run to Moses. The Gentiles try to explain away every act of extreme violence in the Bible. Many have fallen in love with Moses just as much as their Jewish masters and destroyers. In some cases more so, for many Jews declare themselves as atheists.Many rich secular Jews avoid the OT out in the open at least. They, of course, enjoy the “chosen people” aspect of it.What one thinks about he/she brings about. The Bible has made the Jewish people very powerful and successful.Why must the Gentiles join in? Moses is their hero. He kills people. Jesus is the hero who saves people. If the Gentile world does not keep it that simple it will be finished. The Moses to Jesus Old Testament connection has forever connected Gentile to Jew.The secular world controlled by the media and the universities is perhaps even more dominated by Jewish power. Thus, perhaps the only chance is to remove the Torah and remove Moses from Christianity entirely? Or at least the Christians should discuss the fact that they are attacked by the OT and saved by the NT.  Combining the two nullifies much of the power and the meaning of the NT.The violence and exclusively of the OT works in opposition to the redemptive quality of the NT.Imagine the stereotypical redneck or southern Christian who seems to prefer the OT who covertly (and sometimes not so covertly) prefers the war stories of the OT. Many of them name their kids after OT characters instead of NT ones.The less educated the Gentile the more he or she gravitates towards the Book of Revelation and the OT.Every effort should be made by the survival-minded Gentile to separate him or herself from Moses and the laws of the Jews, but instead, the Gentiles spend enormous amounts of energy trying to connect Jesus to Moses and the OT.One way or another the Christians will say the goodness of Jesus washed away all that is bad in the OT and the Old covenant is broken and there is a new covenant.Jesus is the savior for the Gentile world against Judaic power, but that does not mean that the Bible which is a book and the church which is a man-made institution has been able to save the Gentiles. Save the Gentiles from Mosaic law and from the god of the OT.From the start, Moses was an instrument of death as instructed by the OT.Yahweh told Moses to tell Aaron to turn all the water in Egypt into blood.  Would Jesus advocate that? Not judging by His actions in the NT.‘Stand by the river’s brink … and the rod which was turned into a serpent shalt thou take in thine hand … and stretch out thine hand upon the waters of Egypt … that they may become blood … And Moses and Aaron did so as the LORD commanded.’ Exodus 7.15-20Hebraic superstition mixed with magic superpowers and murder. Moses is very different than Jesus. Moses is a hero only to the Israelites.Whenever Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed, and whenever he lowered his hand, Amalek prevailed…-Exodus 17:11What?Remember OT Bible lover, YOU are Amelek.God told Moses to stone to death all blasphemers.‘The LORD spake unto Moses, saying, Bring forth him that hath cursed before the camp; and let all that heard him curse lay their hands upon his head, and let all the congregation stone him. … He that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death…’When no one was looking Moses murders an Egyptian.“And it came to pass in those days, when Moses was grown, that he went out unto his brethren, and looked on their burdens: and he spied an Egyptian smiting a Hebrew, one of his brethren. And he looked this way and that way, and when he saw that there was no man, he slew the Egyptian and hid him in the sand” (Ex. 2:11-12).‘I kill … I wound … I will make mine arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh…’ Deuteronomy 32.39-42There is at one point where the Christians take control, and that is within  the highly esoteric “Book of Revelation.”A one-time interview between Jewish talk show host Michael Savage and the late Rev Jerry Falwell featured Fawell offending the Jew Savage by telling him that the Jews would have to accept Jesus during the end times. Savage was angered by this, just as all Jews are. However, the paranoia of the Book of Revelations more or less benefits the State of Israel.It is a set of stores filled with awe and wonder. Psychologically similar to the stores of war and victory over the Gentiles by Moses.Including Moses within their teachings has caused the Gentiles to create a Moses/Jesus and as evident now, it is to their own apocalyptic undoing.Citing the fact that the Jews denied Jesus is not enough. If the Jewish savior is Moses then the Gentile savior should be Christ and Christ alone.A separation between the two figures of Moses and Jesus needs to be discussed while there is still time if indeed there is any remaining.Sources:Drunk with Blood: God’s Killings in the Bible [Steve Wells]

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