TRUTH BOMBS!!!!! Americans Sleepwalking Into WW3 With Russia & China?

Well I tried to tell the brainwashed Americans about the Vietnam holocaust of women & children the Spiritually Bankrupt ATTACKED ME VICIOUSLY for being on the side of the Vietnamese. I never opened my mouth after that and left the Midwest. They are well known for their Superiority Complex and Racism. Don’t expect me to be sympathetic when America finally reaps its Karma. IMO it’s LONG overdue. My mother almost starved to death in XXXXXXXXXXXXX thanks to the USA. America is literally run by the Synagogue of Satan.


Psychelonb • a month ago

Your first sentence would more accurately be “the shabbos goyim puppet European American figureheads followed their Jewish/Zionist masters orders by withdrawing America from the nuclear treaty.”

Again & again, it must be understood and emphasized the descendants of European immigrants who came to America do NOT control America. We have not been in control of America for many decades. I would argue we lost control way back in 1913 when the privately owned Jewish bank the (((“federal” reserve))) was created.

On one hand, the masses of we European Americans ARE effectively collaborators with the Jews due to all of us (including myself) being indoctrinated & brainwashed, from the moment of our births, and it is our responsibility to overthrow our oppressors.

The unfortunate truth is there are not enough of us who are aware of the truth. There are fewer still even willing to say anything about it, even anonymously online.

A third and final brother war between Russia, the apparent last great white European nation, and what’s left of America seems inevitable. Maybe even necessary.

America has become a 1984 Orwellian tyranny, and it’s getting much worse, every day. All of the security & law enforcement apparatuses destroy any open pro-white European movement by any means necessary. Countries like the UK are even worse than America.

Heck, even Russia under Putin passed laws making it illegal to question/criticize Jews (why????). (Admin: He has an opposition Atlanticist group which is Satanically Ashkenazi to deal with.)

Regardless, I don’t think there’s much of a possibility to overthrow the anti-white regime in control of America without a world war. I would wish for a nuclear hellfire cleansing to not be necessary, but I do not have hope of that being possible.

Mainstream media in America does not talk about the fact we are closer to nuclear war actually happening now than ever, so average brainwashed zombie Americans are not even aware of the danger.

There are NO civilian nuclear fallout shelters in America, unlike in Russia for Russian civilians. Many untold millions of Americans are going to be annihilated. Though it may be too late, I am working towards gtfo of America.

I am beyond disgusted by what America has become, and I do not want to contribute to this beast (((system))) that is working to exterminate me, my friends & loved ones, in any way, for even one more day with my taxes and so forth. (Admin: Under the leadership of the Synagogue of Satan.)


Psychelonb NorthWind • 2 days ago

Thank you @NorthWind, we are doing our best. Convincing anyone that they have been conned is about the hardest thing possible. It’s easy to show them how others are conned, but not them.

Check out videos below when you have some time, and their channels. Each of them (“Asha Logos” & “Black Pilled”) have some very good content.

Human beings are totally programmable and we are literal herd creatures, though most of us probably wish that were untrue, it’s absolutely true.

We must tirelessly continue each individually doing our best to awaken our fellow sheeple.

My Comment: Even your Comments are being Saved by Google/Jewgle-Zionist: Here’s Proof:

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Did you mean: Well I tried to tell the brainwashed dumb Americans about the Vietnam holocaust of women & children. the Spiritually Bankrupt ATTACKED ME VICIOuSLY for being on the side of the Vietnamese I never opened my mouth after that and left Midwest. They are well known for their Superiority Complex and Racism. Don’t expect me to be sympathetic when America finally reaps its Karma. IMO it’s LONG overdue. My mother almost starved to death in a XXXXXXXXXXXXXX country thanks to USA. 1 •Edit•Reply•Share › −Psychelone • 2 days ago I am sure you have seen the film, “The Matrix” {1999}.

My Comment: The beast system is the Satanic American Tax/Political/Media/WAR Ashkenazi Owned System that Fights Wars to Loot Weaker nations, leaving women and children to starve behind. We are the BEAST.

At 35 Minutes Journalist Talks About EU Leaders Values of Diversity. They are UNELECTED ZIONISTS!!!!!

My Comment: Our Satanically inspired media. Rothschild ZIONIST media.

Note That Jewgle is Saving ALL of Your Comments in FILES.
PsychelonbI am sure you have seen the film, “The Matrix” {1999}. 2 min scene perfectly summarizes this phenomenon of an individual who is, unknowingly to them, terribly endangered (along with all their own friends & family members) or being profoundly manipulated refusing to listen to someone trying to warn them.Not only does the person being manipulated refuse to listen, s/he becomes emotionally triggered (which shuts down the parts of the brain that give us an ability to think logically) and becomes defensive. S/he goes so far as to attack the person trying to help them, because of how uncomfortable they feel.There are several reasons, one being, identity/ego. Those individuals who attacked you when you warned about Vietnam didn’t want to hear anything contrary to their belief systems because, ultimately, at the core of what they are experiencing on a deeply unconscious level, their own sense of identity/self is under attack. If they’ve been believing this or that all their lives about how the world works/is and made all their choices, their hopes & dreams based on that, and those belief/s weren’t actually true, then who the hell are they? They are a lie. Also, they wanted to fit in. They didn’t want to be like you, excluded from the group, attacked, isolated. Whether we like it or not, it is the quality of our relationships with our fellow humans that dictates, more than much of anything, our sense of happiness in life (or lack thereof). This isn’t to excuse Americans for our pathetic laziness/apathy/complacency, only to note a profound truth.. We humans are literal herd animals. Individualism is an ideology. We each individually have specialized neurons in our brains called “Mirror Neurons.” Basically, emotions/emotional-psychological states are literally contagious between humans. It’s usually on an unconscious level, but we literally feel the e motions of people around us. When I meet some guy who is feeling terribly awkward/anxious and I am there with him speaking to him, it’s difficult for me to be unaffected.Only sociopaths & psychopaths, maybe also narcissists at times, are generally immune to this phenomenon and have an ability to not be “brought down” by negative emotions of people around us. Watch that short video “Why they must censor us” and see how there are many Americans who may as well be considered mindless robots unable to think for themselves, it’s terrifying & on obvious display in that video. There are untold millions of Americans who fall into that category. I was subjected to the bombardment of propaganda, conditioning, social pressure, all of it from the moment of my birth.The truth is, it is a very difficult & painful war to break free from your own brainwashing/conditioning. There aren’t any rewards aside from being something closer to a free-thinker, the satisfaction of knowing you have truth on your side and of trying to help people. That’s it as far as pleasure, but there is a ton of pain/stress. Its immensely painful to awaken, and extremely painful to not only be unable to save people you care about, but to be attacked by them as they unknowingly choose self destruction. All of human behavior/psychology can be simplified to: all choices ppl make at all times revolve around doing things they believe (whether right or wrong) will help them:
1) Avoid Pain 
2) Experience PleasureAwakening involves losing friends, family members, and ultimately, being an outcast, to some extent. Americans are subjected to intense & unrelenting conditioning all our 
lives everywhere we are, from birth, more than any population in the world.I am in my early 30’s {man} and I have been on the road to awakening since my early teens. I grew up privileged, upper middle class, two (((baby boomer))) parents who are still together. They’re shallow greedy materialists, but they’re not bad ppl. Yet, i began realizing “things”/society was not right at a young age. That something was very terribly wrong. My father is a male feminist, or something, its very bizarre. Long story. He came from a hyper feminized family with a passive/weak father and an overbearing mom with tons of sisters who ganged up on him & his dad. I have only younger sisters, no brothers, and my mom is domineering & overbearing. Mom & sisters ganged up on me & my dad, & my dad went along with it. Growing up, all i basically wanted to do with my life was take up a career that would enable comfortable living, would give me some sort of status, and that would allow me to help people, to create a legacy. Other than that, it was very important to me to find a healthy pleasant good looking woman who would be a good mom to my children, and who i could be happy with. Didn’t have a desire to bed tons of women, the idea of finding a good one for a family life was what I wanted. When i began dating, which surprisingly even to myself began in my early teens, I started sensing that something was terribly wrong with how we were allowed to have pre-marital sex, and more importantly, how women have complete freedom to pursue their sexual desires. Long story. I noticed how American wymn were nothing like how I saw them portrayed in all the many films I had seen. They were unfeminine and acted like men, yet the girls I first spoke to still had some girlish qualities from being inexperienced romantically/sexually. I knew from talking to my first (then) 13 yr old girlfriend that her female friends were beginning to lose their virginity as she told me she wanted me to take her’s.I noticed as the years progressed the females I went to school with were becoming colder, even less feminine. It’s hard to explain..The big point is, I realized that gender dynamics were terribly wrong in America in so many ways and for so many reasons that it would be impossible to realistically expect to have a healthy & happy stable marriage with the type of woman I had always wanted. The type of woman I had always wanted & deserved, that we all deserve, didn’t exist in America. I realized that pre marital sex profoundly damages women beyond repair in the sense after more than two different men, she is unable to bond in a lasting way to one man for life.It was incredibly depressing to me, devastating. I wanted for it to not be true. I didn’t understand consciously much of why or how, but I deeply intuitively knew it. I felt it in my gut. As I got older and started reading/researching various things, I got answers.However, whenever I dared say anything to anyone else about the issues I was now aware of, Red-Pilled to, I was judged and attacked. A therapist said I “have problems with women,” that my disliking the way they pretend to be men is somehow indicative of a character defect.I was only 16 yrs old when I was told that. In truth, I didn’t truly hate women, I hated how they composed themselves & behaved. I started doubting my own sanity, because everyone around me seemed to disagree with me, so I wondered if maybe they had to be correct, somehow. I wanted to go along with it, but I still felt deep down that I was correct.So, I shared all of those details simply to try to illustrate, just a little bit in little ways, it is a gargantuan undertaking to awaken. There are very few incentives to awaken and there are a plethora of painful consequences.We all deeply wish to be accepted and liked by our fellow human beings, whether we admit it or not.Some of us are strong enough to pursue truth to power at any cost, to be able to adapt ou rselves and indeed transcend that deep core psychological need of every man/woman on Earth. To expect the average person to be strong enough to stray away from the group/sheeple though, is not realistic. p.m., Thursday March 21 Other comments by Psychelonb

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