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ALERT – REAL ID’s: in California and Beyond – to Track and Monitor EVERYONE from Birth Until DEATH . . . Travel while you still can
Insider Comment: The real ID is cause for alarm – most certainly!  However, keep in mind these agendas also distract us, the people – taking our attention away from the far more sinister plots being orchestrated – the EARTH is being terraformed, the trees, the water, the air, and food are being poisoned and Fort Dietrich has created 
new bioweapons to 
kill the off the people!And then there is this video:, it is within this context that we will discuss the Real ID 2020*   *   *   *ALL people are to be tracked and monitored, for their safety, of course.  The real reason is PEOPLE are commodities and have negative value added like cattle – and like cattle people emit to much green house gas emissions, as the documents tell us.  Just look at the climate action plans (CAP) in your community. You will learn what is in the policies in your neighborhood androlling into your home and business, right now.You will find in the CAP that TRAVEL 
by vehicle IS unsustainable, therefore, 
travel MUST be ELIMINATED to reduce 
C02 emissions and stop CLIMATE 
CHANGE.  Really, it says this!  
People will be allowed to ride bikes 
and walk within designated planned 
city growth boundaries, also, called 
human settlement zones.Of course, no mention of the Climate CONtrollers, also known as Climate Changers and weather weapons NOW targeting us, the enemy.  THE UNacknowledged fact that the media, 
the corporate government agencies, 
and your local incorporated 
cities WILL DENY that these 
technologies exist.  We are told we must eliminate fossil 
fuels and even reduce our use of water 
when petroleum never came from dead 
dinosaurs and water and petroleum
are both renewables. Sadly, just like cattle people are being herded into slaughter houses called Smart Cities to be electrified to death with the massive wireless connectivity called the Internet of Things.  Think of the IoT as a kill switch and with the Real ID you will be EASILY identified Dead or Alive . . .Remember, the global goal of ID 2020?  Just in case you were unaware of the ID 2020 goal here is one link that will explain how everyone WILL be tracked from birth until DEATH . . .Alliance – ID2020 The ID2020 Alliance is a global partnership committed to improving lives through 
digital identity. 
This alliance of governments, NGOs and 
the private sector will …The ID2020 Alliance is a global partnership 
committed to improving lives through 
digital identity. This alliance of governments, 
NGOs and the private sector will work to 
ensure that the technology development is 
informed by the needs of countries and 
individuals and that policies and standards 
reflect the latest technological innovations.  
By coordinating funding for identity and 
channeling those funds towards high-
impact projects, this alliance model enables 
diverse stakeholders – UN agencies, NGOs, 
governments, and enterprises – to pursue a 
coordinated approach and creates a pathway 
for efficient implementation at scale.AN APPROACH THAT IS HOLISTIC, 
THE CHALLENGEFor digital identity to meet  the needs of 
governments, international organizations,
businesses and individuals alike, it must be:Personal: unique to you 
and only youPersistent: lives with you 
from life to deathPortable: accessible anywhere 
you happen to bePrivate: only you can give permission 
to use or view data_______________________________________________________________Understand there is far MORE to the 
discussion than you will read below. 
The Plan is BIG the Plan is 
Worldwide the Plan is ID 2020 . . 
_______________________________________________________________________________________________REAL IDs: in California and Beyond – 
Will Ventura County residents be 
ready by 2020? Loe: REAL IDs will soon be required to fly; are Ventura County residents ready?David Loe, Special to Ventura County Star 
Published 11:00 a.m. PT March 1, 2019
Starting in October 2020, a standard California driver’s license won’t be accepted for boarding a domestic airline flight. For that, you’ll need a REAL ID.Steve Byerly, 
Ventura County Star
Been thinking about trudging over to the DMV to get your REAL ID? Well, Ventura County travelers, I’ve got some good news and bad news on that score.But first let’s review what this is all about. A standard California driver’s license is not going to be accepted for boarding a domestic airline flight starting in October 2020.Oh, you could still use a passport, but if you don’t have a current one or if you just want the convenience of getting on your flight by using your normal identification, you’ll need to make a visit to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the next 18 months.Since most of us have routinely renewed our licenses by mail, you may be wondering why we now have to present ourselves personally to the DMV. One option for an updated California driver’s license is REAL ID. Drivers can use it to board a domestic flight or enter a secure federal facilitythat requires identification both now and after Oct. 1, 2020. A bear and star identifies federal compliant REAL ID driver licenses and identification cards. (Photo: 
Homeland Security insists on it: “Secure driver’s licenses and identification documents are a vital component of our national security framework. The REAL ID Act, passed by Congress in 2005, enacted the 9/11 Commission’s recommendation that the Federal Government ‘set standards for the issuance of sources of identification, such as driver’s licenses.”And those new standards involve handing over a lot more personal documentation than previously required by the DMV to obtain or renew a driver’s license. Or as Homeland Security says, “Law enforcement must be able to rely on government-issued identification documents and know that the bearer of such a document is who he or she claims to be.”Since I’ve long claimed to be David Loe, I thought I’d better get busy proving it. My plan: Avoid the crowd by making an online appointment at the DMV and get busy assembling my required documentation. I’ve used the appointment system in past years at the DMV to expedite my visits. It works great.Guess what? There are no appointments available. At least there weren’t any when I went to the DMV’s website last month. No appointments not just for my local DMV office in Ventura, but for any office in Ventura County. I checked Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard and Santa Paula, too.It wasn’t just February I was looking at. There were no appointments in Ventura County for any day or time in the 90-day online calendar. Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.Seemingly every adult living in California who drives and also wants to fly (while using their state-issued ID) has got 18 months to be stopping by the DMV to authenticate who they claim to be.The good news is that on the DMV website I saw a tip that suggested that if you couldn’t get an appointment, try coming by one of their offices that are open on Saturday during their slow time … in the afternoon. Also I noticed that each DMV office posts their current wait time.New California driver’s licenses that are not REAL ID have the phrase “FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY” on the front of the card. You will NOT be able to use it to board domestic flights or enter secure federal facilities that require identification -such as military bases- STARTING October 1, 2020. (Photo: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO/CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES)In Ventura County, the only DMV offices with Saturday hours are Thousand Oaks and Ventura. So I checked one Saturday afternoon and found wait times as little as 15 to 20 minutes in Ventura. I was ready to pounce. I had already gathered all my documents. That includes proof of identity, proof of Social Security number and proof of California residency.Go to find out which documents qualify in each category. It’s not as arduous as it sounds. Just know that you’ll be wasting your time if you don’t show up with everything required.My visit to the DMV took a total of one hour from the time I parked my car to the time I got back in it. I thought that was quite acceptable for someone without an appointment.One reason it was so efficient is that “ambassadors,” as they call them, were available to help guide me through the steps, including filling out a computerized form that I found a tad confusing.You can save even more time by doing this form online in advance of your visit.I talked to Jaime Garza, a DMV spokesman, about my experience. He seemed surprised to hear my search for an appointment was so unsuccessful, but added “we are making changes to our appointment system to increase the number of appointments available to the public via our website.”Since California residents have a choice upon renewing their license to opt for either the new REAL ID version or the standard license, I asked Jaime how many were opting for the one that will be required for domestic flights starting Oct. 1, 2020. He reported that “as of January 2019, the DMV issued 2,791,688 federal compliant REAL ID driver licenses and identification cards that are marked with a bear/star icon and 7,014,861 non-compliant cards which contain the phrase ‘Federal Limits Apply.'”Why are only about 30 percent of residents applying for the REAL ID?“Remember that the REAL ID card is optional and not everyone will apply because they can still use a valid passport, passport card or other federally approved document to board domestic flights and enter secure federal facilities,” Garza responded.My guess is that another reason is that the public hasn’t figured this thing out yet. Soon airports in California will start posting advisories to help get the word out. That will help, but I’m concerned about Oct. 1, 2020, when people who show up to board their plane with their non-compliant driver’s license will get sent back home. It could get ugly.David Loe was the co-owner of a travel business in Ventura County for 25 years. His column appears monthly. He welcomes your feedback at passed the Real ID Act in 2005. The law sets new validity requirements for state driver’s licenses. The Plan is BIG the Plan is 
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