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FRIDAY / MARCH 8, 2019

NY Times: Ilhan Omar Knows Exactly What She Is DoingBy BRET STEPHENS 

REBUTTAL BYThe old proverb, “politics makes strange bedfellows,” certainly applies to today’s rebuttal regarding the “anti-Semitic”  tweets and statements from Demonrat Ilhan Omar, such as, “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country (Israel).”Just for this one moment and just for this one incident, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times must proudly say to Ilhan Omar, that freshman big mouth Somali communist congresswomen from Minnesota — “Tell it sista! Tell it!And oh how the elite lefties tied up in knots over this. On the one hand, they can’t go too rough on a triple-protected “minority” (female, black and alien) who already has 700,000 twitter followers. But on the other, any talk of Jews putting their interests ahead of their host nations is strictly forbidden in “the land of the free.” What to do with a girl like Ilhan? The sassy Somali is now causing almost as much trouble and embarrassment for the Demonrats as fellow freshman flame-thrower (and possible NSA/Trump plant)Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (3.5 million Twitter followers)  Recklessly outspoken millennial Cortez and Generation X’er Omar are very close and cannot be touched by the nervously paralyzed elders of the Demonrat Party. As a “Republican’t “neo-con,” Slimes columnist Bret Stephens (cough cough) doesn’t have to restrain himself like the Demonrat Jews do. In this whiny rant, he not only reveals for us that Omar has clearly struck a nerve (the truth always does), but he also confirms the fact that the Demonrats don’t know how to deal with her.“There’s an old joke about upper-class British anti-Semitism: It means someone who hates Jews more than is strictly necessary. Ilhan Omar, the freshman representative from Minnesota, more than meets that standard.Omar, however, isn’t just a critic of Israel. Last month, she wrote that U.S. support for Israel was “all about the Benjamins baby.” …  Confronted with criticism about the remark from her fellow Democrat Nita Lowey, she replied: “I should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve in Congress.”It’s also a case study in the insidious cunning and latent power of anti-Jewish bigotry…  … she wraps herself in the flag, sounding almost like Pat Buchanan when he called Congress “Israeli-occupied” territory.As the criticism of Omar mounts, it becomes that much easier for her to seem like the victim of a smear campaign, rather than the instigator of a smear. The secret of anti-Semitism has always rested, in part, on creating the perception that the anti-Semite is, in fact, the victim of the Jews and their allies. If Pelosi can’t muster a powerful and unequivocal resolution condemning anti-Semitism, then Omar will have secured her political future and won a critical battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. ” (emphasis added) This just in! — As a result of heavy push-back from the suddenly mighty Ocasio-Cortez and her twitter hordes of crazed kiddies, Pelosi was forced to put her tail between her legs and pull back the expected condemnation of Omar. Headline: New York Slimes: Pelosi Says Omar Unaware of Israel Words Impact“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says freshman Democrat Ilhan Omar didn’t realize her words about Israel would sound anti-Semitic to some powerful members of Congress. Omar’s comment that a pledge of “allegiance” to the Jewish state is expected of lawmakers sparked enough outrage to split Democrats and throw their agenda into question.”   1. Self described “Never Trumper” Bret Stephens plays the “anti-Semitism” card in response to Omar’s truthful tweets and statements. // 2. After embracing female freshmen Frankensteins like Jahana Hayes, Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar (pictured on cover of Rolling Stone with Speaker Pelosi), the House Speaker has been repeatedly attacked and humiliated by them. // 3. Nutty Demonrat Freshman Rashida Tlaib’s stated pledge to “impeach that mother f*cker (Trump) also proved very embarrassing for Pelosi This latest tempest stirred up by one of the freshman crazies is triply delightful to behold. Here’s why:
 1. It is adding to the growing disunity now openly visible in the previously monolithic Demonrat Party2. It is scaring away many “moderate” voters away from the Demonrats3. It is bringing badly-needed publicity to the the issue of Israel Firstism / dual loyalty Perched upon her lofty cloud from the afterlife, the Crazed Conspiracy Cat is channelling to the depleted Board that these recklessly insane circus clowns may all be NSA sleepers sent to severely sabotage the Demonrats. Perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch, but the Editor-in-Chief will say this: If indeed one were to script such a covert operation aimed at imploding the Demonrat Party, the results couldn’t be any better than what we are now witnessing. As even many libtard now admit, these out-of-control and beyond-control freshman females are inflicting enormous damage upon the Demonrat brand — and the worst may be yet to come.  1. No matter how much embarrassment and controversy they cause, Demonrats Cortez, Omar and Tlaib can now say and do whatever they want — and no elder Demonrat will dare to tame them. // 2. There are many other freshmen double “minority” and triple”minority” crazies now backing up Cortez, Omar and Tlaib. // 3. A Demonrat Party split between older closeted Marxists and younger outspoken Marxists serves Trump’s interests because he can campaign against the latter group — and mush of this was made possible by the forced resignations of scores of anti-Trump Republicant Congressman. Hmmmm. 
 *  Boobus Americanus 1: I read a column in the New York Times today suggesting that the Democrats are afraid to condemn that Somali Congresswomen for her anti-Semitic remarks.
 Boobus Americanus 2: You know. I hate to say this because I really don’t like Trump — but some of these freshmen Democrats in Congress are really starting to scare me.
  St. Sugar: Boobuss, my dim-witted mortal friend — the only difference between these fresshman femaless and the old guard Demonratss is that they are actually showing you their cardss. Editor: And any poker player who does that is sure to lose.
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My Comment: The Rothschild ZIONISTS, Their Rothschild Zionist Israel, the Zionist British Empire RUN the United States. Period.

In open letter, Jewish Americans come out in support of Ilhan Omar

  GARETH ICKE20 hours ago

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‘American Jews, including prominent figures like Naomi Klein, have signed an open letter in support of Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. 

The letter states that she has been “falsely accused of antisemitism” and that there was nothing anti-Semitic about calling out the “noxious” role of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in American politics. 

It went on to say that “The pro-Israel lobby has played an outsized role in producing nearly unanimous congressional support for Israel”, and slammed AIPAC and other lobby groups including the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the fossil fuel lobby for its “anti-democratic” legislative influence on US politics. 

The letter finished by saying “We thank Ilhan Omar for having the bravery to shake up the congressional taboo against criticizing Israel. As Jews with a long tradition of social justice and anti-racism, AIPAC does not represent us.” and called on other Jews to sign the letter. 

Omar has faced huge backlash after calling out AIPAC, including facing accusations of anti-Semitism from both Democrats and Republicans, floor action against her by Nancy Pelosi, and disturbing posters at a Republican event, linking her to the 9/11 attacks. 

The charge of anti-Semitism comes after Omar said that the Republican Party’s threats against her and Palestinian-American congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for criticising Israel was “all about the Benjamins, baby!” in reference to money allegedly paid to the party and its members to support Tel Aviv. 

When she was asked to clarify who is paying members, she cited AIPAC, which has previously boasted about its financial influence in US politics.’ 

Read more: In open letter, Jewish Americans come out in support of Ilhan Omar


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