Obama’s New World Order=Slavery & Death

Some of this was put out even a year ago but people need a refresher course on these Walmarts–DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THEM WHEN IT ALL HITS THE FAN. They will offer free food, water and meds but that is a ploy to get you into the store. YOU WILL go to a FEMA Camp elsewhere after they process you at the Walmarts. WAL MART……..MART (IAL) LAW……Get it??? Hillary Clinton is the lawyer that worked for Sam Walton; getting the picture? She sold us out to the Chinese long ago and is part of the New World Order. Nothing happens by chance.Mscov2005 mscov2005Obama’s comment that we are “too small minded to handle our own affairs”. How arrogant of him. There are people in the private sector that could run circles around him in the intelligence department. Also, Bill Gates think we need to depopulate. Who the heck does he think he is. Is he talking about HIS CHILDREN or just OURS?

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