Madura’s Appeal to the American People Not to Start ANOTHER War=Full Transcript

Maduro’s Video Appeal to the American People Not to Start ANOTHER War – Full Transcript

He says Americans shouldn’t trust their media. We couldn’t agree more.Nicholas MaduroSun, Feb 3, 2019 | 700 words 6,587  201


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Very moving, well worth a listen.

He correctly points out that the mainstream media are shameless liars, and that Americans should not believe the lies being told about Venezuela, which is being targeted with a disinformation campaign. We couldn’t agree more.

<figcaption>Open your eyes my American brothers – you are being lied to.</figcaption>“/><figcaption>Open your eyes my American brothers – you are being lied to.</figcaption></figure>

<p>He says if the US intervenes, it will cause a major war like Vietnam, a war the US will lose.</p>

<p>He says the reason Venezuela is a target of the Deep State is because of their enormous oil and gas resources. Correct again.</p>

<p>He says Trump is surrounded by evil and dishonest men: Bolton and Pompeo. Correct again.</p>

<p>He says he likes and respects Americans and America, having traveled there.</p>

<p>Full transcript below:</p>

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I am Nicholas Maduro, constitutional President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

I want to send a message to the people of the United States to warn you about the media, about the psychological war being waged in the international and especially in the US media, against Venezuela.

This campaign has been prepared to justify a coup d’etat in Venezuela that has been organized, financed and actively supported by the Trump Administration. Everybody  knows that a brutal campaign of false images, of manipulated images, of faked images, has been started.

Do not believe everything they say on the US television! I’m telling you from the heart – they could not make up a lie that Venezuela and Maduro have massive weapons of mass destruction, so they had no excuse to invade us.

So now, they invent other lies and fake news every day, to justify aggression against our country.

I call on your conscience, I call you to solidarity, I call you to an awakening to the truth.

Let’s not allow another war like Vietnam. If the government of the United States intends to intervene with us they will have a much worse Vietnam than you can imagine.

We do not want violence. We will resist it. We are a peaceful people, proud of our history and of Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela has a solid democracy. We have our own problems as any other country, and we will solve them by ourselves. Our people deserve respect.

In our country there is the largest certified oil reserves in the world. And the eyes of those who lead the empire in the United States are on our oil, and they want to put their hands on it as they did in Iraq and Libya. That wealth belongs to us. We are now certifying the world’s first gold reserves, we have the fourth largest gas reserves in the world. We are a country of great resources both natural and energetic. This is the truth and this explains the constant attacks against Venezuela.

That’s why I appeal to your conscience, to solidarity with us. Don’t let Donald Trump and the group of extremists around him like John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, the CIA and Mike Pence impose their lies and their coup against Venezuela. Support the people of Venezuela in their struggle for democracy.

I have confidence in you, American citizen. Here in Venezuela you have a brother. I am an admirer of the history of the United States. I know your country well. I have driven through Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and Washington. I know your country’s width and breadth. I want to have relations of respect, closeness and cooperation with all of the United States. The United States is a great country, and it is much bigger than Donald Trump.

I want to have good relationships and solve our problems through peaceful diplomacy. I only ask for respect for Venezuela and I need your support to avoid a war like Vietnam.

I ask for peace and I ask for respect for my people. I am sure that we are going to continue on this historical path because we are on the just historical path, we are in the right place in history.

Thank you very much.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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