LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat


LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

March 14, 2019 – 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific

Moderator – Dennis Speed, LaRouchePAC Manhattan Project
Guests – Michael Billington, EIR Asia Desk

Conference call dial-in number: 641-715-3580
Access code: 536662#

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Activist, History may record an event in Italy held yesterday as the premier event out of which a new human renaissance was born. Italy and China are involved in discussions about bringing the Great Belt and Road Initiative of infrastructure and high speed rail to Italy and thus to Europe. In Milan, Movisol, the LaRouche movement’s association in Italy, and the regional government of Lombardia, sponsored a conference discussing the great strategic significance of the MOU to be signed between Italy and China on March 22nd. The conference featured the head of the Italian government’s Task Force China and Helga Zepp-LaRouche. In the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sara, former Italian Finance Minister Guilo Tremonti had described the Belt and Road as consistent with the grand vision for economic development proposed by Lyndon LaRouche.

By contrast, in a 2017, Belfour Center conversation between Henry Kissinger and Graham Allison, inventor of the term, the “Thucydides trap,” the British agent Kissinger, who pretends to be a great friend of China, advocated, like his British sponsors, that the U.S. should join the Belt and Road so that it could shape it. Chillingly, for those who know their Mackinder, Kissinger described the Belt and Road as a “Chinese projection” on Eurasia which must have a boundary line with Europe itself. The Italian revolt from the deadly economic and strategic prescriptions of the EU and other globalist institutions has thus resulted in screams and murderous threats from the entire established neo-liberal British order both in Europe and in the United States. Will the maverick President, Donald Trump, recognize that those screaming at these sane Italians are the same people who are trying to remove him from office by any means necessary? Will he recognize that the Belt and Road represents a significant development which can help revive the scientific and engineering prowess of the United States rather than an act of belligerence and war by China, as the fawning British satraps who surround the President, proclaim, daily?

In the U.S. itself it would appear that the Mueller report is about to land with a thud. The fight to bring the British sponsored insurrectionists to justice must begin with a passion. The RESIST Malthusians and war hawks are attempting desperately to quell a certain political backlash by changing the subject, using taxpayer funds to conduct opposition research against Donald Trump for the election in 2020. At this moment, Lyndon LaRouche’s grand vision for humanity can emerge triumphant—but only if our small group of passionate revolutionaries embrace it with the required focus and imagination. Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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