9-11 Fallout


9-11 Fallout

Does this procedure below bother you, America? I put this post together because it infuriates me. This is what you get for letting them get away with 9-11.

It was designed to install the “Patriot Act” and steal your rights. They always have clever terms for their agendas that are the opposite of what they’re called.

They were so pleased when they scored that one in 2001. It had multiple, incredible benefits for many New World Order members and corporations and the war against Humanity has taken giant strides since, with militarized police, multiple attempts to disarm the public, land grabs, and a lethal vaccination schedule. Why do you not see it?

Your “government” was not who you thought. You never got to “elect” anyone—until you elected Donald Trump, and you had better appreciate the fact that he and his trusted team took over and began to drain the swamp. You’ve no idea how vast and deep this swamp is.

It’s time to get up off your knees and fight these criminals alongside your President. Without his intervention, they would have destroyed you; you, your children, and your country. They hate all of it.

And now Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Snopes—-all their online “resources” are making it almost impossible to share or even find the truth if you wanted it. All you’ll get is the truth they have decided to tell you—which is lies. (Admin: All Above ZIONIST MEDIA)

Get educated and fight the enemy with all you’ve got. Stop letting them lie to you, and take your freedom and your country back.  ~ BP

Learn the facts at “Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth”:  https://www.ae911truth.org/

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