‘From Russia With Love’

MARCH 19, 2019

‘From Russia With Love’ Returns Tonight [transcript]

In reality, the Russians were victims, not the offenders. The truth is so not what we were told.

If you wish to prepare for Thomas Williams’ next installment in his jaw-dropping series, From Russia With Love, we have the transcript for those who have hearing issues or can’t find the time to listen to the previous shows.

Thomas says it would benefit us to review the old material before tackling the new tonight. You can always listen to the archived version of tonight’s show in the coming days once it’s uploaded to the Internet.

This is history as you’ve never heard it, so buckle up!

You can listen at Spreaker.com or live from the Think Different website. I’m not certain of the time tonight, but the regular time slot is 7:30 EDT.

Here is the link to the PDF of the two previous segments.  ~ BP


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