2 New Age Survivors Were Visited By Demons For New Age is Old Age Satanism

LIGHT HAS COMEIsaiah 60:1 Arise, Shine; For Thy Light Is Come, And The Glory Of The Lord Is Risen Upon Thee.TESTIMONY & WARNING: HOW DECEIVED I WAS IN NEW AGE BELIEFS (JESSICA JOY)


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Elsa MartinYup, I thought I was so natural. Crystals, herbs, meditation, yoga. I used to go out on full moons and burry my stones and Chrystal’s in the dirt, pray in my bare feet under a full moon, I started planning all my tattoos around the zodiac. I started practicing with spells and witch craft believing it would protect me from evil. Then I started hearing things, I became haunted by a tall man dressed in black. I would go into these trances and see him standing in a hall or outside my bedroom door. I had dreams of death, losing everyone I loved, wake up in a panic with tears streaming down my face. I told my mom what was happening and she said “you are being visited by demons”. I freaked. I started calling out to god to be saved. It took a long time to find the lord but when I did, it was the biggest sense of peace that swept over me. There is no rock, herb or amount of meditation that could make me feel the way I do now that I have the lord. He is real. I no longer have depression, insomnia or anxiety because of the lord. He takes my burdens. I feel the world is trying harder than ever to trick us. It’s everywhere you go. Do not be deceived, it is a wicked path to go down.Krissy rich OMG I had a similar experience. Short story; I started meditating a lot almost everyday, and then I started hearing voices in my head. Very strange thoughts that were not my own. Thereafter God caused me to see this video about why Christians should not meditate. Mind you I was not a Christian at the time, and I initially watched to sort of mock Christians. But at the end of it my eyes opened, I could finally see what was happening to me. And when I tried to stop I was haunted almost every night @3pm. I would hear knocking, feel things around me, it got so scary. I wasn’t until I professed that JESUS is Lord and I that I truly believe in him that the paranormal events stopped. Thank you for you testimony, and I pray that God will soften the hearts of the non believers. Blessings!

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