14,000 Sex Workers in Israel

14,000 sex workers in Israel, 3,000 of them minorsby TUT Editor

According to data presented, the age of entering the cycle of prostitution is as low as 13.

ed note–Doubtless that various ’emotionalists’–usually of the Christian variety but also unfortunately a growing number of Muslims as well–will of course react in their typical emotionalist fashion to this story by claiming that the thriving sex industry in Israel is only made possible by denying the ‘holy’ precepts of Judaism as laid out within the teachings of the Torah (Old Testament) and instead embracing the devilish and diabolical precepts of the Talmud which condones such behavior.

But as the reader will plainly see in the following piece appearing in the Jewiest of al Jewish media outlets, the Jewish Daily Forward–this is simply not the case at all. As we have pointed out here repeatedly, the Torah is CHOCK FULL of instances where yahweh’s chosenoids, going all the way back to the very first matriarch, Sarah, are described in very clear and unambiguous language having engaged in the ‘world’s oldest profession’ in order to gain some reward later and who were neither reprimanded by their deity nor wound up on the receiving end of some moral censure for doing so, but rather were REWARDED with riches, power, influence, etc, etc, etc.

So why then would/should Israel NOT allow the very same thing which the ‘founding fathers’ and ‘founding mothers’ of the Jewish state did that then led to their own riches and power?

Now, doubtless–just as the case has been in previous instances where articles were posted here revealing the ugly truth in all its un-glory for rational people to read, weigh, and consider–the ’emotionalists’ will bombard the comments section of this website with all their typical irrational nonsense, that today’s Jews are not ‘real Jews’ or ‘real Israelites’ but rather ‘Eat-em-ites’ who eschew the Torah in favor of the Talmood, when clearly, as our unesteemed Hebraic author makes PATENTLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY clear, the moral justification for Jews engaging in prostitution is as old as the Torah itself.

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