Zionist NWO Agenda Furthered With USMCA Agreement

USMCA Advances the Globalist Agenda!
The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreeement (USMCA) has the inherent power to strip us of our independence and advance the NWO. Alarmingly, few Americans are concerned. But that is exactly what the Deep State globalists have in mind. Convincing others that the USMCA is not a threat will give them the leverage needed to get Congress’ approval to pass the massive life-changing agreement.
Analysis Behind the NewsHow the NWO USMCA Negates the Wall
President Trump’s national emergency declaration has long roots based off of historical precedence, yet the USMCA trade agreement could negate the effects of the wall. We take a look into this free trade agenda to build world government in this episode of Analysis Behind the News.
ACTION:Contact your local coordinatorfor ways to get involved.Watch USMCA: What They Are Not Telling You.Call on Congress & President Trump to stop the USMCA & get us out of NAFTA and follow up with an email:President Trump: 202-456-1111Representative: 202-225-3121Senators: 202-224-3121
What They Are Not Telling YouU.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement
America has seen the ramifications of NAFTA and they weren’t pretty. Now globalists are expanding NAFTA with the USMCA to continue building a North American Union.
Americans must learn exactly what the USMCA entails before it’s too late!
TAKE ACTION:Watch and share our newest videoUSMCA: What They Are Not Telling You.Tell your representative (202-225-3121) and senators (202-224-3121) to vote NO on the USMCA!Follow up with an email.
Straight TalkSocialist Sanders Announces 2020 Presidential Run
Last Monday, Bernie Sanders – the self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist” Senator from Vermont – officially threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.
ACTION:Watch this edition of Straight Talk.Answer this week’s question for your chance to win a Straight Talk mug.Want to prevent socialism in America? Join The John Birch Society!
Alex Newman Exposes Public School IndoctrinationSpeakers Bureau Summer Tour
There is a reason the Deep State globalists sound so confident about the success of their agenda – they have a secret weapon.
More than 85% of American children are being indoctrinated by radicalized government schools and are ready to push the globalists’ agenda.
Mr. Alex Newman is on a mission to expose this plot! He will be travelling across the U.S. this summer. Be sure to take advantage of this and schedule a speech.
TAKE ACTION:Get your copy of Rescuing Our Childrenand more to distribute in your area.Contact Robin Kinderman at: rkinderman@jbs.orgor call 920-749-3780 to schedule a speech in your area!
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