In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the latest decision by YouTube to further control what you will and will not see.You Too Can Learn To Do This!WeAreChange tries its best to be well researched when bringing you stories and often we incorporate archived news material in our videos. They add depth and help to strengthen the subject matter that is being presented. This past week we offered a tutorial to all of the great people who support us financially through several platforms such as being a paid member on YouTube, our Newsletter, and now our newly added SubscribeStaraccount.

For those unaware of what SubscribeStar is it is a platform that is challenging sites such as Patreon which were supposed to be a tool for content creators to support their operations without having to rely on YouTube revenue. However, like YouTube, Patreon has now begun to censor creators as well. Many notable independent creators have moved there such as Jordan Peterson, David Rubin, Sargon Of Akkad and others. All of our bonus material and more are being posted here so please check it out. And if you really are interested in beginning the journey of citizen journalism check outChange Media University.Change Media University meticulously takes you step by step on how you can launch your very own independent media operation and do any kind of videos. In fact, I will be giving a seminar at Anarchapulco in just a couple weeks to show people how they can do this as well, you can sign up here. And remember if you have not gotten your tickets yet use “wrc” to receive a discount. With amazing speakers from multiple schools of thought such as Ron Paul and David Icke it is sure to be an amazing event, I hope to see you there!

On one last note due to the Super Bowl being Sunday we will instead be Livestreaming at 4 pm eastern Saturday here, come join the conversation!HEADLINESIn this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the upcoming election and the possibility of a red hack by Russia and China for the 2020 Elections? DNI Chief Dan Coats seems to think for.In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on big tech companies and why they love fake news.There are a lot of mainstream reports out in the Irish and UK media surrounding a Wild Eyed Notorious World Famous Sports Star.
ALSO IN THE NEWSCover-Up? Why The Powers That Be May Not Want You To KnowI Admit Trump Is Right About Fake NewsKeep WeAreChange Alive!

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