The Real Drug Runners: City of London and Big Banks: HSBC & Wachovia

have resulted in catastrophes—a reference to Iraq, Libya and Syria.

‘El Chapo’ Guzman Trial Covered Up for the Real Drug Runners—the City of London and Wall Street

Feb. 13 (EIRNS)—There are endless reams of coverage in the media of the trial and conviction, on all ten counts, of notorious Mexican drug-runner Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, most of which feigns shock that such terrible things go on. And yet most of those same media also promote the virtues of drug legalization, which is well underway in the United States and which has led to a vast expansion of all categories of drug production and consumption.

One glimmer of reality crept into the media coverage, in a Feb. 12 article in Britain’s Guardian, which wrote that nowhere in the trial were the actually responsible parties even mentioned: the major international banks that in fact run the drug trade, and launder in the range of $1 trillion per year in drug proceeds. As the Guardian noted:

“What the trial successfully did—to the repeated outrage of Mexican journalists covering the trial—was bury the money trail. Throughout the evidence, cash was always described as going ‘back in Mexico.’ [Guzman’s lieutenant Miguel Angel] Martínez flew planes loaded with between $8 million and $10 million from Tijuana three times a month. Cash deposits were hidden beneath beds and even underwater. Martínez described hauling a Samsonite case filled with $10 million to ‘a Mexico City bank’ every month—but he was never asked which one, not by prosecution, defense or bench. The trial lasted three months without mentioning Wachovia, HSBC or other banks who have admitted bringing the billions [drug runner] Zambada García described ‘back to America’ for dissemination throughout the ‘legal economy.’ The guilty verdict means no more [escape] tunnels for El Chapo, but as the door slams behind him, it may well mean sighs of relief around U.S. boardrooms.”

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