Pope Francis & Grand Iman Sign One World Religion Document!


By MsSophie | February 5, 2019 | Comments0 Comment

Please if you are Catholic, watch this because you truly need to get out from under their deceptions. This is not good and most are probably not even aware the pope did this.

Official Document http://w2.vatican.va/content/francesc…Pinned by Minister PaulJesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel 3 hours agoI want to share something that occurred yesterday, brother Paul. I have been so badly grieved recently. I have dealt with very rude customers, managers, and then when I see news like this one (false prophet Francis) I’m just stressed. I’m not a perfect man, and I’m not going to play a judge in these matters, but I can’t help to feel the way I have been.Yesterday while I was just feeling bitter, I looked up and just immediately felt the Eyes of God looking upon me, and I can’t explain it perfectly, but I felt all of heaven was looking at me. Then I look at the box I was pulling and the first numbers I see are 37. Jesus then showed me that the enemy is trying sift all of us as wheat, but The Lord is truly sanctifying us through these times! Just like the revelation He gave you!When things are getting darker, we must continue to shine His Light by His Holy Spirit. I then felt this peace, I felt Him literally right by me. I had rest, HALLELUJAH! Brothers and sisters, Jesus is with us. Be encouraged if you’re also feeling sad/angry about all these worldly events. Remember nothing gets passed by God. Keep looking up, because His Eyes are on you. And He looks upon us so mercifully and tenderly. He’s our ABBA, and worthy of all praise. God bless you, brother Paul, sister Gail, and to all my brothers and sisters enduring the same. In Jesus’ Name! Amen.1955dmb 3 hours agoI know some churches that will be tripping over themselves – ready to sign on the dotted line in agreement with his unholiness and the other signer and leader of a false religion. MP, so glad the Lord lead you to this!! I have not seen it reported anywhere else. I plan to forward that document to the Executive Director of at least one denomination and let them know that I believe they are so blind they will be in agreement with it. The document has trigger words in it like ‘marginalized,’ ‘harmonious coexistence’, ‘equal rights for all of humanity by redistributing wealth(socialism)”, etc. Liberals who call themselves Christian but who teach the social gospel over the Gospel of Jesus Christ won’t have a clue what is happening. There will come a point that it is too late to try to take back one’s reprobate mind – if it is even possible.

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