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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Completely Ignores Serious 5G Health Hazards
Australia and New Zealand have already banned Huawei from their grids, and other countries like the United Kingdom and Germany are being pressured to follow suit over supposed security concerns that the technology could be used and exploited by foreign countries.
UN Peacekeeper Discovers Sex Trafficking Inside The UN With Ties To The U.S. State Department
Ex Nebraska policewoman, Kathryn Bolkovac, who served as a UN peacekeeper and worked under DynCorp, a military contractor, where she learned about elite level sex trafficking involving the UN, the State Department & Military, exposes the truth.
Four Signs Your Endocannabinoid System Is Out Of Whack
Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) is vitally important to maintaining homeostasis throughout our bodies and minds. An imbalanced ECS may contribute toward conditions such as depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraines, IBS, and obesity.
Latest Podcast
#34 – Learning From The ‘MAGA Hat Kid’ Story
Joe discusses the story in detail and explores some of the biggest take aways from society as this story unfolded. The episode ends off with important reflections on how we must take personal responsibility for not only stories in the media but our reactions to them.

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