Zionist illuminutti Plan All Along: Wipe Out 90% of U.S. Population & Blame N. Korea

90% of U.S. population can now be wiped out by North Korea… and there’s no defense
Mike Adams Due to demonstrated advances in North Korea’s ICBM capabilities, the Norks now have the ability to detonate a high altitude EMP weapon over the continental United States.

The power grid would immediately go down… and stay down for years to come. Food and fuel deliveries would halt. Mass social chaos would ensue. (And yes, all your Bitcoin would be worthless, too…)

Even worse, there’s no defense against such a weapon. The only “defense” is to attack North Korea first and decapitate their deranged political leadership.

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My Comment:  Eugenics is pure racism.  Why aren’t the ‘black leaders’ protesting?

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