Fruits of Lyndon LaRouche’s Passion Are All Around Us

Lyndon LaRouche in discussion with some of his closest collaborators, during a LaRouchePAC LIVE broadcast on YouTube. August 10, 2015 (LaRouchePAC)

The Fruits of Lyndon LaRouche’s Passion and Dedication are Everywhere Around Us

Among the statements of support and condolence coming in from around the world to his wife Helga and his associates since Lyndon LaRouche’s death two days ago, we can start, today, by taking special note of those from Italy and those from Russia. The new Italian government, not yet one year old, despite its problems, represents the first such successful revolt in Western Europe against the tyranny of the European Union and for economic development. It has enshrined Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law, championed around the world by LaRouche, as everyone knows, in its coalition program…READ MORE

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