United States, Russia, China and India Could Defeat the Anglo-Dutch (Zionist British Empire)

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Lyndon LaRouche on Sovereignty and EmpireIn recognition of those who have given their lives to protect our republic, we offer these wise words from Lyndon LaRouche.As we take pause to honor the sacrifice of our fallen, it is no less appropriate to reflect on the very causes of war, so as to finally eliminate them. Contrary to the establishment narrative, wars are not caused by nations. Every major war of the last 160 years has been caused by the British Empire (today in the form of the global elite), pitting nations off against each other, in order to prevent them from coming together to challenge the Empire, and to prevent their cooperation with each other in peaceful economic development.Donald Trump believed in such world of sovereign nations, and was ruthlessly attacked and couped for his efforts in that direction.In this 2009 speech, Lyndon LaRouche pointed to the combination of sovereign powers—United States, Russia, China and India—which, in concert, could defeat the imperial system, and eliminate the primary impetus for perpetual war. Susan Kokinda

Comment: IMAO this is not likely to happen. Think it more likely Biden will get us into WW3 and a coalition of nations working together with Russia and China will defeat us: North Korea, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Venezuela and some African and South American countries all of whom U.S. has invaded and occupied so that the British Empire Corporations can rob them of their mineral wealth. This is by no means a comprehensive group. U.S. has bases in about 150 or more countries. They are mostly dirt poor as their mineral wealth goes to the Anglo-Dutch Crime Syndicate our military fights for.

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