The Truth About Zionist Israel Who Was Created by the Zionists in the City of London of the British Empire With the Balfour Declaration-Top Zionist Pictured

How They Do It–Americans deserve to know what the president and Vladimir Putin are talking aboutby TUT editor

ed note–Mr. President, in the unlikely circumstance you or one of your associates is reading this, it is time to ‘go nuclear’ on this issue. Give the jackals what they want and tell the world that what you and Putin were/are/have been discussing was the manner by which the 2 of you are trying to prevent Israel from blowing up the entire world with the nukes she has loaded onto her submarines and how the American and Russian militaries have been working together in locating the various nukes which Israel has surreptitiously smuggled into virtually every world capital. If the Jews want to play rough, then give them rough. Let loose with 9/11, USS LIBERTY, JFK, Oklahoma City, and every other dirty trick they have played against America, and then let the chips fall where they may.

Will they ‘go for broke’ and bring down the entire system?

Probably, but someone with an extensive background in construction such as yourself knows that sometimes a building that is no longer safe for habitation must be declared unsafe, condemned by the local building department and brought down for the common good, and therefore, perhaps now it is time–as infamously stated by ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein to just ‘pull it’.  Read more of this post

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