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___________________________________________________________________JANUARY 2019   1 FED RESERVE NOTE___________________________________________________________________ “We read and rebut their vile crap so you won’t have to!”*****************************************ALL ARTICLES FOR ANY GIVEN MONTH APPEAR ON SAME PAGE — MOST RECENT FIRST —  SCROLL DOWN FOR PAST DATES.FRIDAY / JANUARY 4, 2019    NY Times: Spurning Erdogan’s Vision, Turks Leave in Droves, Draining Money and TalentREBUTTAL BYRecip Erdogan‘s Turkey must really be pissing-off both the Globalist and Zionist wings of the West’s PRC (Predatory Ruling Class). Behold how Sulzberger’s Slimes, The Economist Magazine (UK), The Washington Compost and the rest of the international Piranha Press whorepack are resurrecting “the sick man of Europe” propaganda from the late 19th Century. Before we address this ongoing and worsening sliming of nationalist conservative Erdogan (pronounced, Erdo-wahn), let us fire up the TomatoBubble Time Machine and take a quick trip back to the 1890’s.    Considered “gospel” among Globalists, the “prestigious” Economist Magazine (UK) is 21% owned by the Rothschild Crime Family. Their relentless and nasty attacks against Erdogan reek of desperation. What’s the motive?
  The Ottoman Turkish Empire had become a target of the Rothschild Globalists as far back as the 1850’s because all monarchies and empires (including the “hitmen” mercenary nations of Britain and France) were destined for eventual dismemberment. The Globalists could then swallow-up the smaller nation states which emerged from the broken empires before “democratizing”  them (installing stooges). It was during this time that the term “the sick man of Europe” was first used to disparage Turkey. Turkey also found itself in the cross-hairs of the 1890’s Zionist movement because a little place called “Palestine” (with only about a 2% Jewish population at the time) just happened to be located right smack dab in the middle of the Arab area of the empire. When the Turkish Sultan told the early European Zionists (who, like the one-worlders, were also backed by Rothschild) that Arab-populated Palestine was not for sale, the Globo-Zio press of Europe, in preparation for the Great War that was already being planned (World War I), unleashed its propaganda cannons against Turkey — again labeling the Ottoman Empire as “the sick man of Europe” and “prophetically” speaking as if its demise and disintegration as a “fait accompli” (a $10 French term for “done deal”).    Because of its prime geographical location, oil reserves and jurisdiction over Palestine, the Turkish Empire was targeted (using other empires (France, UK & Russia) as unwitting proxies) with wars, internal subversion (Young Turks movement) and baseless propaganda about being “the sick man of Europe” which needed to be broken up.  Islamic Turkey, allied with Germany during World War I, was indeed chopped-up by Britain & France after World War I — with now-British Palestine being opened up to Jewish immigration from Europe. Turkey, now greatly reduced in size, would remain a “secular” and obedient outpost of the new Globalist Empire for about 100 years. But now, under the capable leadership of the “strongman” Erdogan, the CIA and its traitor class of Turkish stooges, fake Muslims and “college educated” libtards have been thoroughly routed — and that is why Sulzberger’s Slimes and the rest of the Piranha Press have dusted off the old, “sick man of Europe” routine and brought it back for use in 2019. From the article: “They are leaving the country in droves and taking talent and capital with them in a way that indicates a broad and alarming loss of confidence in Mr. Erdogan’s vision, according to government statistics and analysts… 
 For the first time since the republic was founded nearly a century ago, many from the old moneyed class, in particular the secular elite who have dominated Turkey’s cultural and business life for decades, are moving away and the new rich close to Mr. Erdogan and his governing party are taking their place.A large proportion of those fleeing have been followers of Fethullah Gulen, the Pennsylvania-based preacher who is charged with instigating the 2016 coup, or people accused of being followers, often on flimsy evidence.Tens of thousands of teachers and academics were purged from their jobs after the coup.”Communists, atheists and libtard “elite” fleeing Turkey “in droves?” Far from suffering from “sickness,” it sure sounds as if Turkey is being cured if you ask us!  The “spontaneous” (rolling eyes) Deep State protests which took place in Turkey and Europe have failed to oust Erdogan — as did an attempted (possibly staged?) coup which Erdogan crushed and then used as the basis for firing tens of thousands of communists and libtards from their positions in government and academia.
* 1. The “iconic”  photo of the “tear-gassed” Turkish woman was a CIA fake which ran in media outlets all over the West. /// 2. Faggots and trannies used to march openly in “Resistanbul” — not any more!
 Most of “youse guys” have by now heard the old adage: “Show me a man’s friend’s and I’ll show you the man.” A corrolary of that wise proverb would be” “Show me a man’s enemies and I’ll show you the man.” Let’s meet just two of Erdogan’s haters — one a Globalist, the other, a Zionist — shall we?
 Headline: The Daily Express (UK)  (November 6, 2018)George Soros Closes Charity Operations in Turkey as Tensions Soar with Erdogan“Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has hit back at the Turkish president who accused him of trying to divide and “shatter” countries.The Turkish President told a meeting of local administrators: ‘The person [Kavala] who financed terrorists during the Gezi incidents is already in prison. And who is behind him? The famous Hungarian Jew Soros.Mr Erdogan went on to accuse Mr Soros of spending his billions of dollars by dividing countries. He said: ‘This is a man who assigns people to divide nations and shatter them. He has so much money and he spends it this way.’“ (emphasis added)
 A modern Eurasian head-of-state who is not shy about using “the J word?” Gotta love it! It gets better: Headline: The Jerusalem Post (Israel)  (December 23, 2018) Netanyahu Calls Erdogan an Anti-Semitic Dictator as War of Words Heats Up “Netanyahu spoke out after Erdogan publicly stated, that ‘Jews in Israel kick people when they lie on the floor,’ adding that ‘Jews kick not only men but also women and children.'” (emphasis added) I don’t about “youse guys,” but with King Jew Globalist Soros and King Jew Zionist Satanyahoo both (and King Sulzberger) hating on Turkey — exactly as was the case more than 100 years ago — I am loving me some Recip Erdogan and pulling for the new economically booming and culturally rebounding nation of Turkey — the “healing man of Europe.”1. Globalist Soros & psycho-ultra-Nationalist Satanyahu may hate each other, but they hate Erdogan even more. // 2. Trump is known to be very fond of Erdogan and plans to leave the protection of the peace in the Middle East to Turkey, Russia and Iran– much to the dismay of Globalists and Israel Firsters. * *  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Turkey’s best and brightest are fleeing the country.
Boobus Americanus 2: Who can blame them? That Erdogan fellow is becoming a real dictator.
 *Editor: The scope of this “brain drain” from Turkey is being greatly exxagerated. Nonetheless, let’s hope that not too many of the malcontents wash up on American shores. We have enough home-grown “secular” Marxist filth of our own to deal with. 

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