Robinson Bankrolled by Shadowy Int’l Organizations

Why are US ‘pro-Israel’ groups boosting a far-right, anti-Muslim, white nationalist UK extremist?by TUT editor

Robinson is being bankrolled by a nexus of international organizations, many of which are part of the American right-wing infrastructure supporting the Israeli cause.

ed note–jes’ a lil’ reminder of what this website–along with the irreplaceable MCP–warned years ago (much to the utter disregard of many) concerning the manner in which various ‘white nationalist’ individuals and groups who had taken up the same anti-Muslim torch  originally lit by Judea, Inc that this was all an ‘inside op’ and a trap that would one day come back to bite them.Yes, a prime example of ‘how they do it’, and not just limited to Robinson. Every ‘White Nationalist’ outlet, from Anglin’s ‘Daily Stormer’ to ‘Stormfront’ now feature as the necessary background scenery that Judea, Inc needs in controlling the narrative about those who voice opinions deemed critical or antagonistic to the Judaic agenda as being unhinged, violent, criminal, and legally actionable. All can rest assured that even though the same Zionist groups funding Robinson may not be as forthcoming with the details of their $ contributions towards Stormer and Stormfront, that nevertheless behind the scenes, money and ‘advice’ on what kind of material to post (as well as how to post it) comes flowing in like a water faucet whose ‘off’ handle was removed.

In addition to Robinson, Stormer, Stormfront, and the rest of the Neo-Nazi/anti-Muslim/white nationalist crowd, all can as well include other ‘colorful’ characters which Judea, Inc has been/is now using in the same ‘background scenery’ capacity in controlling the narrative, not the least of which includes Alex Jones, Jim Fetzer, the entire ‘Sandy Hook Hoax’ crowd and anything else that creates the appearance that any and all opposition to Judea, Inc’s agenda is deranged and detached from reality. Read more of this post

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