Racist Israel Rejects Black Children For School

State-funded religious schools in Israel rejecting black children whose presence will ‘traumatize’ their classmatesby TUT editor

Ultra-Orthodox children of Ethiopian descent are not accepted by Talmud Torah institutions in Jerusalem, while one official is recorded telling parents their child was rejected due to his skin color.

ed note–Before all the usual suspects begin chirping the usual nonsense that ‘this is all ‘cuz’ of what the Tal-mood teaches, which is contrary to what the Torah (Old Testament) commands,’ remember that this all BEGAN in the Old Tester-ment with the story of Noah’s son Ham who–after witnessing his father passed out drunk and naked in his tent–was cursed (as well as all his future generations) to a lifetime of slavery and servitude to his 2 brothers, Shem and Japheth.

Also note that the schools in question are SPECIFICALLY referred to in the news piece as Talmud Torah institutions, thus putting to rest all the regurgitated nonsense that unfortunately prevails these days that Talmud and Torah are opposite and self-contradictory to each other. Read more of this post

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