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The same people who just legalized infanticide in New York are going to attempt the mass murder of white people next. New York Democrats just legalized murdering human babies that are born alive after “failed” abortions. They can now be slaughtered on sight, with the full protection of Democrat lawmakers (who cheered the passage of the insane new law).Now here’s an even more horrifying question: Do you really think that the very same people who just legalized murdering their own children won’t soon try to murder all their political opponents in cold blood?And who are the new political “enemies” of the deranged Left? White people, of course. Because the bigoted, racist Left now judges people by the color of their skin.Get ready for an attempted “ethnic cleansing” in America. And if you’re white, you’re the target.Read the shocking true story here (with my video, too).New Videos from BrighteonTerrifying Video Shows the Horrors Of VaccinesWatch this video7 ‘Healthy Habits’ You’re Better Off Giving UpWatch this videoStudy confirms the antitumor effects of pomegranatesWatch this videoFeatured ArticlesDaily Caller goes all-in with globalist-run vaccine industry, claims measles outbreak due to “anti-vaxxers”By Ethan Huff | Read the full storyA state of emergency was just declared over a measles outbreak; why won’t Trump declare an emergency over the invasion of America by illegals?By JD Heyes | Read the full storySponsor: Protect your identity from high-tech thieves anytime, anywhere.Here are the names of the human child murders in the NY Senate who passed the bill legalizing infanticideBy Lance D Johnson | Read the full storyEvery bite you take is either fighting disease or feeding itBy S.D. Wells | Read the full storySponsor: Organic, lab-verified storable food supply made completely without junk ingredients or GMOs.A form of vitamin B3 significantly reduces the risk of non-melanoma skin cancerBy Mary Miller | Read the full storySponsor: Reap the benefits of two nutritional powerhouses with this Pure Microalgae Superfood BlendLab-verified organic coconut milk powder is back in stock at the Health Ranger StoreIntroducing Health Ranger Select Organic Coconut Milk Powder. Experience the non-dairy milk alternative you can trust at the Health Ranger Store. Our vegan and vegetarian-friendly organic coconut milk powder is the world’s first lab-verified, glyphosate-tested, organic non-dairy alternative. Bursting with flavor, healthy fats (MCTs), and iron, our coconut milk powder supports healthy heart and digestive functions. It is also super delicious and completely water soluble.Learn More »More of Today’s ArticlesJust as Adams warned, Leftists judges are now ordering the prison torture of political opponents in America
Talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh opened his program Monday discussing reaction he received from a monologue he gave last week decrying the New York Senate’s passage of a bill allowing for the …Desperate to find meaning in their lives, Millennials are now obsessed with the occult and the paranormal
Millennials – people born between 1980 and 2000 – areoften referred to as the most useless generation in history. Fairly or unfairly labeled in this way, it is perhaps unsurprising that a large …Mark Zuckerberg kills goats with a “laser gun” and a knife, then serves them cold for dinner, says Twitter CEO in bizarre interview
Brian Hiatt from Rolling Stone recently sat down with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, to discuss a variety of topics ranging from how Dorsey deals with the platform’s many (rightful) critics, to …How the LGBT agenda is corrupting science and destroying young minds with “progressive” propaganda
It’s been a known fact for quite some time that many colleges and universities all across the country are hotbeds of far-left liberalism, particularly in the fields of the humanities and the …HP goes “full Orwellian” with its 3D printers, says it will prohibit users from printing objects the government doesn’t want you to print
Taking aim at Americans’ Second Amendment rights, global printer giant HP Inc. has announced plans to restrict purchasers of its 3D printers from being able to print firearms at home. The …Continual consumption of aspartame found to increase oxidative stress in brain tissue
Researchers from King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia have found that aspartame, a common artificial sweetener, has a damaging effect on the brain. More specifically, they found that the …Socialism will wreck your health
Do you feel uneasy when you watch or read the news? Civil unrest is the first order of business for the Democrats, who are “all in” for a Socialist-Communist America now. The only way …The health benefits you receive when you eat more sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are actually a slight misnomer, as they are not really related to regular white potatoes. They don’t even belong to the same plant family. Sweet potatoes are root vegetables …Don’t throw it away – The skins of these fruits contain many health benefits
When you’re eating fruit, it’s second nature to throw away the peel, especially if you’re snacking on bananas or oranges. But did you know that eatingcertain fruit peels offer …Hot coffee has more antioxidants than cold brew, new study concludes
There are several ways to prepare coffee, and there are people who prefer a hot cup of joe while others favor cold brew coffee. However, according to the results of a study, hot coffee contains …How to make your own DIY liquid hand soap and laundry soap
Soap is an incredibly useful household item in your everyday life, but it can be even more so when SHTF. If you happen to find yourself in a survival situation where sanitation is crucial to …Neurologists encourage a social lifestyle to help fight dementia: Go out with friends, sing, challenge your brain
Neurologists suggest that going out with friends, singing, and performing brain-challenging activities can help prevent dementia, as reported by The Daily Mail. According to the World Health …Vitamin C: A safer way to recover from drug addiction
Addiction to drugs and other substance will causeyour overall health and well-being to deteriorate. Addiction to heroin in particular is often difficult to overcome. People who were previously …Lack of sleep affects how your brain stores memories
Recent studies uncover how sleep and distractions affect the ability of the brain to store memories. Researchers from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke find that …A traditional Chinese formula scientifically proven to improve heart health
Having a heart attack is a primary risk factor for the development of worse diseases and death. It reduces the flow of oxygen-abundant blood to the heart, promotes the abnormal enlargement of the …Cocoa has profound healing properties, beating even acai and blueberries
Have you ever suddenly felt better after drinking a nice, warm cup of cocoa? That good feeling isn’t all in your head, and it isn’t just because cocoa is delicious. Cocoa powder …Eating more high-fiber foods can reduce food allergies
Suffering from food allergies? Why not trya high-fiber regimen? A study has shown that eating more foods abundant in fiber can help reduce food allergies and their side effects. In conducting the …Take better care of your heart by eating more almonds
Almonds, like other types of nuts,are ideal snacks – they contain various nutrients and are low in fat. Studies have shown that almonds can also help in maintaining healthy blood lipid levels. …A safe guide to using bleach to purify water when SHTF
Water safety iscrucial during a survival situation. You might not last longer than three days without access to clean, drinking water. When SHTF, you will need to improvise with whatever you …Prevent diabetes-induced nephropathy with aloe vera
People with diabetes may want to consider taking aloe vera. This well-known medicinal plant has been found to have protective effects against diabetes-induced nephropathy. Diabetic nephropathy, …

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