Reports of a Democratic ‘drift’ on Israel appear to be only great exaggerationsby TUT editor

Democratic speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic minority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, are extremely effective whips in keeping the troops in line, the same Chuck and Nancy who appeared in December at the annual conference of the right-leaning Israeli-American Council and assured the crowd that they would not budge an inch in their support of Israel.

ed note–for those who don’t quite yet ‘get it’, please allow us to explain.

What appears to have been an ‘anti-Netanyahu/anti-Zionist/pro-Palestinian’ revolution in the last mid-term elections is–just like all things that are the handiwork of Judaic black magic–an illusion.

Yes, a Palestinian Muslim woman was elected to Congress for the first time. Yes, other Muslims who support BDS and who have taken critical stances towards Israel were also elected.

But in the final analysis, this means NOTHING. They are mere stage props that will be used later in creating a particular narrative which Judea Inc needs, most probably as the ‘face’ of the ‘Trump resistance’ in the HoR while those powerful, pro-Israel Zionist Jews such as Nadler, Cohen, Schiff and the rest of the gang are free to do their dirty work while it will be DEM MOOZLUMS who will later be blamed by the same Jewish interests who engineered their elections in the first place who will become the fall gals for it all.

Please recall one of those rare occasions of near-total solidarity between the right and left wings making up Jewry in the election of Bill Clinton in ’92 after George H.W. Bush put the squeeze on Israel by holding back 10 billion in loans contingent upon her attending/participating in the ‘peace deal’ he was trying to push forward.

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