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New York Times Hypes Insane FBI Allegation That Trump Committed Treason When He Fired Comey

Trump Responds to New York Times: Be Friends with Russia

China’s Ambassador to Canada Exposes the ‘Five Eyes’ Surveillance State

Russia and China Already Have Hypersonic Advantage over America

Classical Music Is Capturing the Youth in China

Former NASA Administrator Bolden Calls for Cooperation with China

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Peace and Progress Are On the Line: Do You Back the President or the Likes of J. Edgar Hoover?

Jan. 14 (EIRNS)—No one should pretend they don’t know that this has happened before: British intelligence targeting a high-level American leader because he sought good relations with Russia and/or China, and J. Edgar Hoover’s G-men doing the British dirty work with a “foreign agent” investigation of that target. We show in this report that the British and Hoover’s FBI did to Henry Wallace, to George McGovern and to other leaders what they have been trying to do to President Donald Trump—forced removal from office. From London’s standpoint: a successful coup d’état.

No Member of Congress should pretend that they haven’t knownfor many months that the FBI has been trying to brand President Trump a “traitor”—Lisa Page and James Baker told Congressional committees about this “leaked” investigation long ago.

The reason, simply that the President seeks good relations with Russia and China which are anathema to London and its war party, and he’s getting the United States out of perpetual war in Southwest Asia and Afghanistan.

And who’s led this investigation of him? Disgraced James Comey, disgraced partisan Andrew McCabe, disgraced and biased Peter Strzok and Lisa Page—all of them trying for what Comey called his “J. Edgar Hoover moment” when he tried (and failed) to blackmail President Trump with the fake British Steele dossier.

No one can deny that our national media have disgraced themselves completely by reporting that if the President is under FBI investigation there must be evidence of “Russian control” of him. There is none. When has Hoover’s, or Robert Mueller’s FBI ever needed evidence to target a leading figure?

Rep. Peter King of New York was correct to call this “disgraceful, almost like a coup within the government…. This is an indictment of the FBI leadership.”

President Trump himself has not been cowed by this national disgrace, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI legacy. He has not been stopped from withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria by his own advisors, Republican Senators, our British and French “allies,” nor by the FBI. He has continued pushing for an economic settlement with China to end the trade dispute. He continues to insist that Russia has a common interest with America in ending war in Southwest Asia, as do China, Turkey, Egypt, now even the Gulf sheikhdoms.

Americans should have the same courage. If they now defend the President (and put the FBI in its place), we can drive out the London-run “Integrity Initiative,” just exposed as inserting McCarthyite propaganda groups in the United States, while targetting President Trump.

More than peace can be in prospect, but it means the American people must be able to think like leaders themselves, and understand how human economic progress occurs.

Cooperation with Russia and China can be the framework for a new international credit system which “walls off” the City of London center of financial speculation, and builds out a World Land-Bridge of economic infrastructure development. The threat of a new financial crash like that of 2008, makes this urgent.

The spirit of such a “New Bretton Woods” credit system proposed by Lyndon LaRouche and the Schiller Institute is the subject of an upcoming national conference of the Institute, and of an ongoing series of educational presentations, “Behind LaRouche’s New Bretton Woods,” every Saturday, in New York City and streamed live.https://discover.larouchepac.com/2019_nbw_class_series


FBI Targeting of Trump Comes Under Growing Attack

Jan. 14 (EIRNS)—There is a building furor from all sides of the political spectrum about the FBI targeting of Donald Trump as a Manchurian candidate traitor following the firing of James Comey. Some people absolutely get the fact that it is the British who are behind this. It’s our job to escalate this. As of this writing, Part I of Barbara Boyd’s three-part series on “The British and the Coup” has 3,700 social media shares.

John Dowd, the storied Washington, D.C. criminal attorney who represented the President in the initial rounds of the Mueller probe, put the matter succinctly in an interview with Fox: “Little did I know that it appears that they were all in it together,” Dowd said. “I mean Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, McCabe, the whole crowd, and they were out to get this President no matter what. I don’t think they sincerely believed anything about Russia…. This is our worst nightmare that someone with that kind of power would then decide to go after the President. I mean, it’s a coup,” Dowd said. “That’s what it is, an attempted coup by Comey and his crowd. And the evidence is all over there. I take the New York Times article as an admission of their bad behavior.” Dowd otherwise commented that the United States must appear now to the world as a banana republic rather than a nation of laws.

Dan Bongino, the very popular Fox commentator, picked out articles from May 2018 for his Twitter and web audience, highlighting the British role in the aforesaid coup, and honing in on Richard Dearlove specifically. May 2018 was when the initial revelations appeared concerning Stefan Halper and Richard Dearlove which we have further unveiled now in LaRouche PAC’s three-part exposé.

Victoria Toensing and Joseph diGenova, in a piece also published on Fox, state: “A stench has been emanating from the J. Edgar Hoover Building (FBI headquarters) for over two years. It landed Saturday on the front page of the New York Times in an article citing former law enforcement officials claiming they had to deal with explosive implications that President Donald Trump was knowingly or unwittingly working for Russia. Thus, the story goes, there was a basis to begin the Russia collusion investigation….

“In fact, The Gray Lady was covering the derrieres of the Obama Administration officials involved in the cabal to frame Trump, who now fear an imminent Special Counsel finding that during the 2016 campaign there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians. The article is intended to convey the following message: Even though there was no evidence to support the allegations, those making the decision to investigate Trump did so in good faith.”

DiGenova, the former U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., and Toensing, a former head of the Justice Department Criminal Division Fraud Unit, go on to completely lambast the bad and very dirty cops at the top of the FBI, noting, “The New York Times story was created to obfuscate the real criminal conspiracy: violation of Title 18 of U.S. Code Section 242, which prohibits any person under color of law (i.e., Obama Administration personnel) to deprive another of ‘rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution.’ Such legal protection includes being free from a criminal investigation based on false charges….”

Finally, Glenn Greenwald in an article for The Intercept today takes the lapdog media to task for insisting that the targeting of the President for a security investigation is “unprecedented,” thereby erasing from American history the numerous previous chapters concerning an out-of-control FBI. In particular, Greenwald cites the J. Edgar Hoover investigation of Henry Wallace for his peacemaking efforts and direct defiance of the British Empire. Greenwald cites the following passage from a Wallace speech which, apparently, inflamed Hoover:

“Make no mistake about it—the British imperialistic policy in the Near East alone, combined with Russian retaliation, would lead the United States straight to war unless we have a clearly defined and realistic policy of our own.

“Neither of these two great powers wants war now, but the danger is that whatever their intentions may be, their current policies may eventually lead to war. To prevent war and insure our survival in a stable world, it is essential that we look abroad through our own American eyes and not through the eyes of either the British Foreign Office or a pro-British or anti-Russian press….

“We must not let our Russian policy be guided or influenced by those inside or outside the United States who want war with Russia.”

British Agent Anne Applebaum Orders: No Nationalism in Europe!

Jan. 14 (EIRNS)—In a nasty opinion piece in today’s Washington Post, London “propaganda/disinformation” expert Anne Applebaum, a staunch enemy of the nation-state, attacks the “new ‘axis of anti-Europeans,’ ” whose election victories could end the neo-liberal system in Europe. Her attack is aimed in particular at Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, head of the Lega party.

Applebaum is worried that upcoming European Parliament elections will destroy multinational blocs of various parties: “This year is different,” she says, because in the continent-wide elections set for late May, the anti-Europeans are making a public attempt to work together, across national lines, to achieve common goals. Applebaum calls this revolt the work of “online activists and the alt-right,” cooperating “especially in cyberspace.” Last year, Applebaum claims to have found the international alt-right sharing stories concocted by Russian state media in support of the German Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party.

She warns that, now, semi-covert online coordination is openly moving offline. Matteo Salvini traveled to Warsaw to meet leaders of Warsaw’s Law and Justice Party, “Poland’s xenophobic, nationalist ruling party.” She says Salvini declared the opening of a “Polish-Italian axis.” Their meeting was also hailed, she says, by Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who is working with China’s Belt and Road. She then accuses Salvini of having held press conferences at various times with Marine Le Pen, of the French far-right, and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, Salvini’s Austrian “counterpart.” “At each one, Salvini promises big changes, a new party, a pushback against immigration and against ‘Brussels,’ ” she accuses.

If Applebaum’s world order loses, Europe could enjoy national sovereignty, get out of the European straitjacket, have good relations with Russia, and have freedom to join the Belt and Road.

Applebaum is identified by Sputnik as part of the Integrity Initiative; EIR has not confirmed that, although she would make an ideal “American” member. She is a professor at London School of Economics who runs its “Arena Project” on propaganda/disinformation; a former Oxford academic; a former editor of The Economist and the London Spectator and Washington Posteditorial board member.

First ‘Integrity Initiative’ Event in U.S. Points to Cyber War

Jan. 14 (EIRNS)—Documents of London’s Integrity Initiative (II) openly admit (on its website) that “D.C. is well served by existing U.S. institutions” when it comes to Tory sympathizers in the nation’s capital. So, Integrity Initiative states that it intends to concentrate on building up “counter-disinformation clusters” of cooperating media networks throughout America’s heartland, and its first conference in that direction leads one to think that its focus is more cyber warfare than media manipulation.

As first revealed by Max Blumenthal in a Jan. 8, 2019, piece in “The Grayzone”—reposted to Consortium News and now also on a Huffington Post blog site—the Initiative held a conference in Seattle on Dec. 10, 2018. The official sponsor of that event was the Minneapolis-based digital development firm Adventium Labs, specializing in complex software for systems management. At the II conference it was announced that Adventium would be the first cluster partner for its ostensibly “media-directed” psywar operation against America.

With virtually no media profile to speak of, the one qualification which Adventium has, is that it just received a contract, worth $5.4 million, from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is, among other things, the cyber-war headquarters of the U.S. military. A page on the Adventium site further reveals that the contract is with DARPA’s “Cyber Fault-Tolerant Attack Recovery” (CFAR) program, to produce attack-resilient software for military applications. Minnesota is otherwise a concentration of cyber resources; e.g., headquarters for IBM and a strong extended corporate digital network. Adventium has strong connections to the University of Minnesota scholastic cyber networks. The CEO of the 10-year-old company, Kyle Nelson, spent 14 years of his early career at Honeywell, Inc.

A page announcing Adventium Labs’ sponsorship of the December Seattle conference has now been pulled from its website, as has a “YouTube” video of the keynote speech, given by the intrepid “Brit for Bernie,” Simon Bracey-Lane.


Trump on U.S. Military Withdrawal: Stop the Endless Wars!

Jan. 14 (EIRNS)—President Trump, in a Twitter message posted yesterday, wrote that U.S. troops have started leaving Syria, and called, once again, for the end of endless wars. The message read: “Starting the long overdue pullout from Syria while hitting the little remaining ISIS territorial caliphate hard, and from many directions. Will attack again from existing nearby base if it reforms. Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds. Create 20 mile safe zone. Likewise, do not want the Kurds to provoke Turkey. Russia, Iran and Syria have been the biggest beneficiaries of the long term U.S. policy of destroying ISIS in Syria—natural enemies. We also benefit but it is now time to bring our troops back home. Stop the ENDLESS WARS!”


‘Yellow Vests’ Movement Coming Back, Not Ebbing as Macron Hoped

Jan. 14 (EIRNS)—“Yellow Vests” anti-austerity protests took place in an estimated 60 cities across France on Saturday, Jan. 12, and showed a recrudescence of the movement rather than the post-Christmas fizzle that President Emmanuel Macron had clearly hoped for. The official police estimate was 84,000, up from 50,000 on Jan. 5 and 30,000 on Dec. 29. But a more realistic estimate would have been 150-200,000, according to EIR in Paris. “The Gilets Jaunes movement is back on its feet and striding to progress into a coherent movement,” in the assessment of EIR. “These figures are totally underestimated: They correspond only to the mobilizations in the larger cities, but there have been a lot of people elsewhere, too.”

There has been less violence, and less anarchist-right wing countergang presence; moreover, the movement is beginning to recognize some leaders.

The crowds were once again quite large in the medium-sized cities of southern France: 6,000 in Bordeaux, 5,000 in Toulouse, 3,000 in Marseille, 3,000 in Nimes (a smaller city), 2,500 in Rouen, 6,300 in Bourges, 8,000 in Paris, 4,000 in Caen, and 2,000 in Lille. This time the Gilets Jaunes organized a couple of meetings around the upcoming leaders of the movement: in Paris, around Eric Drouet, who had been thrown in jail by Macron last week and then freed; and another one in Bourges, in central France, where there was a large crowd around Maxime Nicolle and Priscilla Ludowski, two other founders of the movement.

On Jan. 15 the national debate organized by Macron, for people to raise their problems and propose solutions, will begin. The President has issued a “letter to the nation” to inaugurate it, asking for harmony. Four themes have already been chosen: 1) transport, housing, heating, 2) a more just tax system, 3) how can democracy and citizenship evolve, and 4) how can public services become more efficient.

‘The Future of Volkswagen Lies in China’

Jan. 14 (EIRNS)—Building on its partnership with two of China’s biggest auto-makers, SAIC and FAW, Germany’s Volkswagen firm wants to greatly expand its cooperation with the Chinese—not just in China, itself, where VW sold 4.5 million cars in 2018, but also in third countries. From there, the global markets for e-cars and hybrid cars will be conquered.

“The future of Volkswagen will be decided in the Chinese market,” said VW CEO Herbert Diess, speaking to reporters in Beijing a couple of days ago. Diess said China will become one of the automotive powerhouses in the world, because “what we find is really the right environment to develop the next generation of cars, and we find the right skills, which we only partially have in Europe or other places.”

Not just in China, but also in Europe, VW plans to spend more than $90 billion—one-third of the envisaged investments by car-makers in e-cars globally in the range of 300 billion dollars in the coming years. VW will develop the capacity on three continents to build up to 15 million electric vehicles by 2025, including 50 purely electric and 30 hybrid electric models.

VW’s staggering electric vehicle budget dwarfs that of its closest competitor, Daimler, which has committed $42 billion. In comparison, General Motors, the leading U.S. vehicle maker, has said it plans to spend a combined $8 billion on electric and self-driving vehicles. Roughly 45% of the global industry’s planned investment and procurement spending—more than $135 billion—will occur in China, which is heavily promoting the production and sale of electric vehicles through a system of government-mandated quotas, credits, and incentives.

Diess said VW is moving “to a new phase, where we will co-develop part of the automotive technology in China for the rest of the world. I think this is a significant step change.”


Huge Investment Firm Cuts Leveraged Loan Exposure to Zero

Jan. 14 (EIRNS)—The Guardian Banking column, Jan. 12, asked the pointed question, “Can a bubble in a different part of the debt market [than mortgage debt derivatives in 2007-08] trigger a market panic?” It reports, among other warnings, about the $1.3 trillion leveraged loan market in the United States, and about the corporate debt bubble in general, that the huge private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts recently entirely eliminated its exposure to the leveraged loan market.

The Guardian calls this warning “The sub-prime timebomb is back—this time companies are lighting the fuse.” And it bears the subhead, “Leveraged Loans Are Ringing Alarm Bells For … a Repeat of 2008’s Mortgage Disaster.”

As has been reported, the article repeats that the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee recently said the “global leveraged loan market is larger than—and growing as quickly as—the U.S. sub-prime mortgage market … in 2006.”

Given the explosive re-emergence of collateralized loan obligation (CLO) derivatives of leveraged loans—as of CLOs based on mortgage backed-securities in 2007—the column quotes a Cambridge University Business School researcher, Rasheed Saleuddin, judging that “small changes in default rates in the loans, or even expectations of same, could cause a meltdown” of the entire bubble. Another professor, from Oxford, adds, “If economic conditions worsen, it can lead to losses for many investors and lead to a similar dry-up in liquidity in these instruments as we have witnessed with sub-prime mortgage securitizations during the 2008 crisis.”


China’s Space Agency Briefs Media on Chang’e-4 and Future Lunar Missions

Jan. 14 (EIRNS)—The China National Space Administration held a press conference this morning on the ongoing Chang’e-4 mission, and future lunar exploration missions. Giving the briefing was Wu Yunhua, deputy chief commander of the agency, and Wu Weiren, general designer of the lunar program. Wu Weiren said that CNSA is organizing Chinese experts to work on the follow-on lunar missions, and that three future missions are being planned: Chang’e-5, which will launch at the end of this year, will return a sample from the near side of the Moon. Chang’e-6 will conduct a South Pole sample return. Whether it will be conducted on the near side or the far side of the Moon, depends on the results from the sampling mission of Chang’e-5. Chang’e-7 will conduct comprehensive exploration of the South Pole, including its land forms, material composition, and environment. Chang’e-8 will test key advanced technologies on the far side, and companies will be invited to industrialize the technologies. China’sScience and Technology Daily reports that Wu Yunhua further said, “On Change-8 we are planning even more crucial experiments for our lunar exploration, including to determine the possibility of establishing a lunar base for scientific research, if we can do 3D printing on the Moon, and whether it is possible to use the lunar soil for the construction of buildings, in order to jointly construct a lunar base for further exploration of the Moon.”Previously it has been stated by CNSA that the first Chinese lunar base will be robotic, with periodic visits by astronauts. China has said that its first manned lunar mission will take place around 2030.At the press conference, the importance of international cooperation was stressed by a number of speakers.Li Guoping, CNSA spokesperson, said that in follow-up space activities, China will actively implement the resolution of “Strengthening international cooperation in the peaceful use of outer space to achieve the vision of a community of shared destiny” made by the UN UNISPACE+50 high-level meeting in 2018. All countries are welcome to participate in China’s follow-up lunar exploration and deep space exploration projects, he said. Reach us at eirdailyalert@larouchepub.com or call 1-571-293-0935

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