ACLU Dominated by Leftist “Jews” or Khazar Fake Jews

Klayman: The ACLU Is Dominated by The “Jewish Left” Which Is a Threat to Israel Jewry in General!

ACLU Falsely Claims That Anti-Boycott Legislation Limits Free Speech By David Gerstman and Julie LenarzAlgemeiner.comJanuary 13, 2019 The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) — at one time the nation’s premiere civil rights organization — has falsely characterized legislation that would penalize companies that boycott Israel as limiting free speech.

A letter posted on the organization’s website claimed that the bipartisan Congressional legislation, which supports state laws barring contracts with businesses that boycott Israel, “flies in the face of the First Amendment’s guarantee that the state should impose no law infringing on the right to speak freely and to associate with those of like mind.

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My Comment: ACLU is HIJACKED ACTIVISM in that it is now a phony activist organization representing pedophiles, gangster thugs, and the criminal elements of our society to undermine the people’s EQUAL PROTECTION rights under the constitution and the ACLU is actually undermining America’s constitution!

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